Did you know that health insurance coverage provides real help for addiction recovery? In recent years, this was not true of most insurance policies. However, today, having a current insurance policy or getting new health insurance means you open doors to ending your addiction and starting a better life.

With or without health insurance coverage, you possibly fear the cost of rehab. However, a non-profit rehab treatment program looks beyond your policy to other methods of gaining this help. The point of today’s healthcare programs is you have better access to the care you need, whether you’re dealing with physical, mental, or behavioral health problems. Whether you have diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or addiction, you gain the same quality of support through health insurance.

Effects of Current Healthcare Legislation

A man gives serious thought to his health insurance coverageUnder current health care laws, you have access to quality health insurance at a more affordable rate. This means that 87% of Americans now maintain health coverage. If you do not find yourself among that majority, you can gain the insurance you need before entering rehab. Even with a pre-existing condition like addiction, you qualify for health insurance.

According to HealthCare.gov, the Health Insurance Marketplace must meet your needs through policies and plans providing for ten essential healthcare needs. Among these types of necessary care is help for addiction. Many insurance plans sold outside of the Marketplace, such as through an employer, follow these same rules.

Your health insurance coverage does not usually limit access to essential treatment according to the type of drug you used. So this means most policies provide the same benefits for people with alcohol dependence, as they do for opioid addiction or other substance use disorders.

Using Your Insurance for Rehab Saves Your Insurer Money

Not only does having health insurance for rehab save you money, but it saves the insurance company money, too. This sounds skewed, but it is actually true. When you no longer suffer addiction, you need less health care on a routine basis. You also don’t face the emergencies common to drug and alcohol abuse, such as for overdose, drunk driving accidents, or major organ failure.

This is one reason why your insurance company now supports rehab more than in the past. You suffer fewer common colds, viruses, and medical emergencies. Therefore, they pay less for your health care costs. Over time, these costs of recovery prove lower than the costs of active addiction.

You also save society money by getting treatment for addiction. Someone put in jail because of illegal drug use and possession costs the state up to $37,000 per year. However, going through a residential rehab program costs less than half of that on average.

Your health insurance coverage includes allotments for the following types of rehab treatment services:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • Residential rehab programs
  • PHP and IOP treatment
  • Mental health treatment through dual diagnosis programs
  • Trauma therapy
  • Behavioral therapies, art therapy, and music therapy
  • Aftercare programs

Long-Term Recovery with Help through Health Insurance Coverage

You can have the long-term recovery you want for a better life. This recovery begins at Memphis Recovery Centers in Memphis, TN. As a non-profit rehab treatment center, Memphis Recovery accepts a variety of insurance plans as well as other payment options.

Programs at Memphis Recovery include:

Call Memphis Recovery now at 866-304-8254 to learn about your health insurance coverage for rehab by verifying your benefits. If you have no coverage, call to learn more about how you can pay for rehab at this quality non-profit treatment program. You have many options for getting into the treatment program you need, thanks to Memphis Recovery. Give us a call today to discuss your next steps.