a woman is happy to have family recovery for her family

How a Family Can Go Through Recovery Together

Family support can be a crucial factor in recovery from substance problems. That’s true because the family unit has such a strong influence on your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Your loved ones may also play an active role in your efforts in recovery. This is the purpose of a form of treatment called a family…

a pair discusses what is an outpatient program

What Is an Outpatient Program?

Since substance abuse and addiction are highly individual problems, there will always be a need for a wide variety of treatment options and settings. For example, both inpatient and outpatient rehab settings offer profound immediate and future benefits. What is an outpatient program? What are the benefits associated with this treatment option? At Memphis Recovery…

a person experiences the effects of heroin

Physical and Psychological Effects of Heroin

The effects of heroin are one of the main reasons that so many people struggle to get sober. The physical and psychological effects are challenging to deal with once you become dependent. One of the reasons there’s such a stigma surrounding addiction is that people don’t understand these effects. However, understanding the devastating physical and…

music and art therapy can promote recovery

How Music and Art Can Promote Long-Term Recovery

When you’re recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, it helps to have a wide range of resources available. The main treatments used in recovery programs include both medication and psychotherapy. Today, there is also an increasing use of additional options, known as complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM. Paired with primary treatments, these options offer…

a woman experiences the long-term effects of prescription drug abuse

Long-Term Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is a widespread problem across the country. Misuse of medication may lead to serious short-term effects. It may also produce damaging long-term effects. One major possible outcome of prolonged medication abuse is addiction. There is also the ever-present danger of experiencing an overdose. In addition, long-term abuse may expose you to an…

a pile of marijuana and oil asking what are dabs

What Are Dabs and Are They Dangerous?

With the legalization of marijuana, many people are beginning to explore more cannabis-related products for recreational or medicinal use. One cannabis-related product that is gaining popularity is known as dabs. Dabs contain a high level of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. As a result, dabs can be highly addictive for some people and may…

woman receiving OCD treatment

What to Expect in Intensive OCD Treatment

Addiction and substance abuse disorders often go hand-in-hand with other co-occurring mental health issues, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Alternatively, children and teens with untreated OCD symptoms may later develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs as a harmful coping mechanism. For such patients, their addiction therapy program must include intensive OCD treatment for better…