woman smiling at man after marijuana addiction treatment

Marijuana Addiction

Addiction is a debilitating disease that can take control of your life and make it unmanageable. The problem is that when people think about addiction, they typically think of harder drugs like heroin and cocaine. While the United States is facing an opioid crisis, people often don’t realize they can have addictions to other substances.…

A man realizes he fits the polysubstance abuse definition

What Is the Polysubstance Abuse Definition?

Addiction of any kind can be detrimental to your physical, mental, and social health. Of course, things get riskier when you take more than one drug at once. Understanding the polysubstance abuse definition can help you recognize the severity of your addiction and get the right treatment. Polysubstance Abuse Definition According to the Encyclopedia of…

therapist taking notes as nervous woman talks in Alcohol Abuse Counseling

Alcohol Abuse Counseling

If you’re someone who is struggling with alcoholism, you know it’s difficult to get and stay sober. The primary reason people have a difficult time maintaining their sobriety is that they don’t get help. When you’re struggling with a powerful disease like addiction, it’s important to get help from qualified professionals. Those who take advantage…

woman listening to therapist talk about Polysubstance Abuse

Polysubstance Abuse

Many people who reach out for drug rehabilitation services are suffering from the abuse of multiple addictive substances. What is the proper definition of polysubstance abuse? Furthermore, how can you recognize the signs of this common problem? Defining Polysubstance Abuse Polysubstance abuse is a condition in which a person abuses three or more addictive substances…