a woman reaps the benefits of a partial hospitalization program

3 Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

Recovery from a substance abuse disorder doesn’t need to be a journey that you face alone. With a partial hospitalization program (PHP), you can get the best of both worlds: intensive medical care from expert professionals and the chance to recover at home, supported by family and friends. A partial hospitalization program is often less…

a woman learns how to increase serotonin

How to Increase Serotonin

Dopamine and serotonin are naturally occurring substances in your body that perform essential functions. Although they are very different chemicals, some people may use the terms “dopamine” and “serotonin” interchangeably. Some common drugs are designed to mimic the effects of dopamine or serotonin, and these drugs can be highly addictive. At Memphis Recovery Centers, our…

a woman deals with depression after she quit drinking

How to Handle Depression After Quitting Drinking

When you quit drinking, you may experience sudden changes in emotions and even depression as your body adjusts to sobriety. However, depression after quitting drinking is only temporary. You shouldn’t let depression alter your pursuit of peace and contentment in early recovery. After all, enjoying your life sober is how your brain adapts to normal…

a woman struggles with mental health and addiction

Connection Between Mental Health and Addiction

Your mental health is an essential component of your overall health. Whether you or someone you love has struggled with mental health or addiction, it’s important to recognize that these two issues could be tied together. For some people, substance abuse impacts their mental health. For others, their mental health causes substance abuse as a…