There is no single effective addiction treatment approach. Each individual is different and the challenges associated with overcoming substance abuse can be specific to age, gender, and mental health.

While there are guiding principles for addiction treatment, we also apply programs that are specific to a patient’s circumstances. MRC incorporates modern, evidence-based practices while taking into account our patients’ strengths, needs and preferences.

Importantly, the societal stigmas associated with substance abuse have decreased as our culture has come to understand that alcohol and drug addiction is a disease. Still, MRC recognizes that undertaking treatment is a private matter, and while part of our mission is to educate the public on the nature of what we do, your path to recovery will always remain confidential. Our goal is not to judge, but to show you a way out.

Finally, substance abuse is often accompanied by mental health issues and MRC is equipped to deal with co-occurring disorders. To ensure cohesiveness of services, we collaborate with a patient’s current physician or psychiatrist if needed. Through assessment, if we detect that there is evidence of mental health issues, we will take the appropriate action to involve the right professionals to assist or make an appropriate referral.

Because of our effective addiction treatment approach, MRC Alum have nearly two times the success rate than the national average, according to MRC outcome studies.