Individualized Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment at Memphis Recovery Centers is individualized and tailored to each patient.  When patients arrive, they meet with their counselor to develop their own personalized treatment plan.  Goals, objectives and discharge planning are all focused on meeting the needs of the individual.  The program is designed so that patients are able to develop their treatment along with their counselor to address their specific areas of concern regarding their addiction, co-occurring disorders and other areas such as family issues, spirituality, coping skills, etc.  Some of our patients benefit from a longer term addiction treatment while others are able to move quickly from residential to partial hospitalization to intensive outpatient.  At Memphis Recovery Centers, treatment is designed around the patient.

Family Involvement

Family therapy is a vital component of addiction treatment at Memphis Recovery Centers. Family therapy is provided weekly as a part of treatment and we encourage family members to participate as fully as possible. Family members are encouraged to attend family groups, educational groups, support groups and individual family sessions. We also offer a weekly children’s visitation for children too young to participate in the treatment groups. At MRC, we know that substance abuse not only affects the individual, but the family as well. This is why our goal is to help each individual and his or her family begin the lifelong process of recovery.