depression and substance abuse

Depression And Substance Abuse

The link between depression and substance abuse is well documented. Actually, people with mental health disorders often times have a substance use disorder as well and vice versa. The connection between the two conditions is strong making it difficult to determine what causes what. In either case, depression and substance abuse treatment at Memphis Recovery…

a pile of marijuana and oil asking what are dabs

What are Dabs?

With the legalization of marijuana, many people are beginning to explore more cannabis-related activities. Dabs is an offshoot of marijuana because it contains the THC that is in marijuana. However, smoking marijuana and doing marijuana dabs are two totally different things. The strength of dabs is just one of the things that make it more…

a woman taking medicine after learning about xanax effects

Xanax Effects

Xanax is one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the country. Xanax effects your brain chemistry, causing your brain to release GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that creates calming emotions. While Xanax is highly effective in treating anxiety, it is also physically and psychologically addictive. Tens of millions of Americans struggle with a substance…

a doctor writing a prescription for ritalin vs adderall

Ritalin Vs Adderall

More than 4% of American adults have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which is a mental health disorder that can impact your mood and make it difficult to concentrate. Doctors typically prescribe Ritalin vs Adderall to treat ADHD symptoms. The prevalence of ADHD has made prescription medications used to treat the condition of popular recreational…

Woman is happy she learned ways to increase serotonin

How to Increase Serotonin

When talking about drug abuse, people usually focus on dopamine. It’s the body’s feel-good neurotransmitter. However, many chemicals also target serotonin. When trying to figure out how to increase serotonin, some people fall victim to chemical dependency. Dopamine vs. Serotonin Did you know that exercise increases dopamine? The same goes for a satisfying meal or…