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The Connection Between Addiction and Family

What causes addiction? People all over the world want to know the answer to this question. While many factors contribute to the disease, experts believe that there’s a strong link between addiction and family. In fact, family affects the development of addiction in two major ways.

Addiction and Family Genes

The first connection between addiction and family is genetics. According to studies, certain genes make people more likely to develop an addiction than those who don’t have the genes. As a result, it’s possible for mental disorders such as addiction to run in families.

How do people know if they have a greater risk for developing an addiction? They have to pay attention to their family histories and the cases of addiction within it. For example, people whose parents struggle with addiction are likely to struggle with it, too.

Unlike other health problems, though, they have a choice about whether or not they develop an addiction. Diabetes, for instance, is a chronic, ongoing illness that many people can’t avoid because of their genes. However, those with a higher risk for addiction can avoid the disease if they simply don’t use drugs or alcohol.

Family Environmental Factors

The next connection between addiction and family is an environment. The environment in which people grow up also affects their likelihood of developing an addiction. Let’s say, for example, that kids grow up in an environment where their parents or siblings use drugs often. Even if addiction doesn’t run in their families, these kids are more likely to grow up and use drugs themselves.

While the family has a huge influence on addiction, other environmental factors have an effect as well. The friends who people interact with and the activities that they engage in put them at greater risk. While they can’t choose their families, they can choose who they interact with on a regular basis.

For example, let’s say that people have friends who use drugs regularly. Numerous studies demonstrate that they’re likely to use drugs also. Likewise, people who often attend parties where people use drugs are likely to try these substances at some point. Many activities and environmental factors play a role in the likelihood of people using drugs.

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