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Addiction Treatment Programs: The First Step to Change

Drug addiction is a compulsive and chronic disease. People who don’t suffer from addiction often struggle to understand its complexity, which is why addiction treatment programs involve multiple steps. Learn┬ámore about taking that first step.

The First Step in Addiction Treatment Programs

The first step in getting addiction help depends on the rehab centers that people visit. For example, some will say that the first step is getting help or admitting that there’s a problem. Others will say that the first step is detox.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, undergoing detox first is the proper approach. In order to take this step, individuals struggling with addiction must admit that they have a problem and check themselves into rehab. After detox, more steps follow in the treatment process. These steps usually include behavioral counseling, evaluations and long-term follow-ups.

While the first step in addiction treatment is important, the other steps are just as important to prevent relapse. While detox removes drugs from the body, it doesn’t stop the desire to continue to use. This is why a comprehensive program is important.

Behavioral Therapies and Drug Addiction

Relapse is a real fear for people during addiction recovery. Behavioral therapies can initiate change and effectively help individuals avoid that outcome.

Behavioral therapies aim to modify negative behaviors and attitudes that empower drug abuse while replacing them with healthy life skills. For instance, cognitive behavioral therapy is a common, proven therapy that the best drug rehab centers use.

Addiction Treatment Programs at Memphis Recovery

Struggling with addiction is tough, but you don’t have to tackle the problem alone. At Memphis Recovery, our non-profit addiction treatment center focuses on creating unique and personalized plans.

While each individual requires a unique track, we recommend that the majority of our clients begin addiction treatment at the residential level. This inpatient program lets individuals completely leave the environment that likely ignited their drug abuse problem in the first place.

Regardless of your level of care, individuals can take advantage of numerous life-changing programs and therapies, including:

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