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What are the Signs of Drug Addiction?

Are you noticing the signs of drug addiction in a loved one’s life? What should you do? Maybe you’re wondering if your substance abuse is crossing the line into chemical dependency. What are the options open to you at this time? Signs of Drug Addiction There are visible signs that someone abuses drugs or alcohol. Look for paraphernalia and the drugs themselves. Occasionally, people are quite open about leaving these items out for others to see. Consider it an invitation to offer support for the person entering a drug addiction treatment center Memphis can count on. More commonly, these behaviors ... Read more

What is an Opiate vs Opioid

Many people wonder what the difference is in an opiate vs opioid. Opiates are drugs that naturally occur in the opium plant while opioids are synthetic versions of natural chemicals in the opium plant. The terms are interchangeable when referencing drugs containing synthetic or natural opium chemicals. Opiate vs Opioid: Opiate Examples As previously mentioned, opiates are naturally occurring chemicals from the opium plant. Another term used is opium alkaloid. There are over 20 different opiates in opium, but six specific opiates appear in the largest amounts. Of those six, four are useful for the medical industry. These four are ... Read more

Recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month 2019

While driving under the influence is just one negative behavior some people engage in, alcohol abuse has so many other serious consequences. Because of that, the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) designated April as Alcohol Awareness Month. If you don’t know much about the harmful effects of alcohol addiction, then this is a great time to learn. The Need for Alcohol Awareness For many adults, drinking alcohol is a part of every special occasion. While social drinking is usually perfectly fine, not everyone can drink without overdoing it. Also, because alcohol is legal to use, some people ... Read more

Benefits of Young Adult Addiction Treatment Centers

Anyone who’s struggling with substance abuse often feels hopeless. Very often, users want to quit, but their cravings always win out. That’s the hallmark of addiction. Despite the issues addiction creates, it can take years to decide to reach out for help. When you do, young adult addiction treatment is just one option. Instead of continuing to wish that life was better, you can take action to make it that way with help from professionals who care. What Does Addiction Treatment Look Like? If you’ve never gone through rehab, you most likely want to know what to expect. Will you ... Read more

Schizophrenia vs Psychosis: What’s the Difference?

Many people that suffer from alcohol and drug addiction find that they have co-existing conditions requiring treatment. For example, addiction and mental illness commonly occur together. The following information will talk specifically about schizophrenia. It will also help you determine the differences between schizophrenia vs psychosis. Schizophrenia vs Psychosis: Deciphering the Difference Learning the differences between schizophrenia vs psychosis can help you know when to seek professional assistance. Psychosis refers to a specific group of symptoms that can occur with various conditions. These symptoms include seeing and hearing things that are not there. Schizophrenia, however, is a mental illness hallmarked ... Read more

Is MDMA Addictive?

If you have a loved one suffering from MDMA abuse, you may have many questions about the best ways to seek help for your family. However, what is MDMA? Furthermore, is MDMA addictive? What is MDMA? Many people find themselves asking the question, “Is MDMA addictive?” It is essential to understand what this drug is. A common nickname for MDMA is ecstasy. It is an illicit drug that creates strong feelings of euphoria in the person using it. As a result, it can become easy for an individual to become dependent on MDMA. Is MDMA Addictive? We will now consider ... Read more

How Long Does Percocet Withdrawal Last?

When a person suffers from an addiction to prescription painkillers like Percocet, they may have many important questions about the recovery process. However, what is Percocet? Furthermore, how long does Percocet withdrawal last? Understanding Percocet Withdrawal Percocet is an opioid pain-relieving medication that is available by prescription only. Since Percocet affects specific areas of the brain, long-term use can lead to a serious addiction. When this occurs, withdrawal symptoms are common if a person goes too long between doses or stops using altogether. How long does Percocet withdrawal last? The length of this process will vary depending on the severity ... Read more

Codeine vs Hydrocodone: Which Is More Addictive?

Many people today suffer from health conditions that lead to chronic pain. In these situations, it is common for medical professionals to prescribe potent painkillers. However, in the discussion of codeine vs hydrocodone, which is more addictive? Learning more about these prescription painkillers will help you detect an addiction. Understanding Codeine vs Hydrocodone When researching codeine vs hydrocodone, it’s important to understand both of these medications more fully. Codeine is an opioid pain-relieving medication that doctors often prescribe following certain medical procedures. Hydrocodone is an opioid drug that includes acetaminophen to provide stronger painkilling effects. While many people wonder which ... Read more

How to Handle Depression After Quitting Drinking

When you quit drinking, you suffer some changing emotions and even lingering depression as your body adjusts to sobriety. However, depression after quitting drinking is temporary. You shouldn’t let it alter your pursuit of quality of life in early recovery. After all, enjoying your life sober is how your brain adapts to normal functioning again and starts producing more of your natural feel-good chemicals. What Is the “Dry Drunk” Syndrome? The term “dry drunk” is not a legitimate diagnosis. However, when you suffer depression and other ill emotions after new sobriety, you hear people saying these words. So what does ... Read more

What Does the Percocet Withdrawal Timeline Look Like?

Many people struggle with opioid addiction today, just as you do. A lot of media attention focuses on opioids, but not as much on treatment options. So, as you consider your own Percocet withdrawal timeline, get to know what to expect during your detox process. About Percocet Withdrawal Percocet is a mix of oxycodone, a powerful opioid, with acetaminophen, also called Tylenol. People abuse Percocet pills by swallowing them, crushing and snorting them, or mixing with water for injection. When you suffer addiction to Percocet, withdrawal comes quickly after your last dose. The symptoms make you feel ill as your ... Read more