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Category: Cocaine

What Is Crack Cocaine?

Most people know of the drug cocaine. However, what about crack cocaine? Some people know the name, but they don’t know what it really is. Below is more information that can help them answer the question, “What is crack cocaine?” What Is Crack Cocaine? Crack is simply cocaine in a crystal form. These crystals are typically yellow, but sometimes they’re white or a pale rose pink. Normally, cocaine comes in a powder that people snort. Unlike traditional cocaine, people have to heat and smoke crack. The name comes from the sound that the crystals make when people heat them. They ... Read more

How to Recognize a Cocaine Addict

Cocaine is a potent drug that was popular during the late 1980s and early ’90s. Despite a slight decline in its popularity, it still causes problems for millions of people across the United States. For those who suffer from cocaine addiction, their best chance for recovery is to get help quickly. Here are a few ways to recognize a cocaine addict. How to Spot a Cocaine Addict People who suffer from cocaine abuse don’t typically seek help themselves. In general, it’s up to family and friends to spot signs of cocaine addiction. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what to look for ... Read more