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Category: Methamphetamine

Common Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Methamphetamine, meth, is a nervous system stimulant. It gives you a powerful high. It also leads to a sudden crash. When you eventually decide to quit, there are meth withdrawal symptoms to weather. What Makes Meth So Addictive? Unlike other substances, this drug targets your brain chemistry quickly. It makes some neurotransmitter releases possible only when its presence triggers them. As a result, you encounter crippling depression when you come off the high. Not surprisingly, most people hasten to feed their bodies the drug again. What Meth Withdrawal Symptoms to Expect When You Quit When you decide that you’ve had ... Read more

3 Signs of Meth Abuse

When struggling with meth addiction, the best chance that someone has to overcome it is to get help quickly. Unfortunately, people who have a meth addiction don’t typically seek help themselves. It’s up to friends and family members to spot signs of meth abuse and then help them seek treatment. Below is more information about the top three signs that someone is a meth abuser. What Is Meth? Meth is short for methamphetamine. The drug itself is a powerful and very addictive stimulant. It attacks the central nervous system and gives people a burst of energy. Meth comes in a ... Read more