man holding his face next to toilet from Percocet Withdrawal Symptoms

Percocet Withdrawal Symptoms

The number of addictive drugs on the market is mind-boggling. In fact, doctors prescribe many of them to people on a regular basis, including Percocet. When people develop an addiction to this drug, they can expect to have Percocet withdrawal symptoms once they stop using it. What Is Percocet? Before talking about Percocet withdrawal symptoms,…

therapist taking notes as nervous woman talks in Alcohol Abuse Counseling

Alcohol Abuse Counseling

If you’re someone who is struggling with alcoholism, you know it’s difficult to get and stay sober. The primary reason people have a difficult time maintaining their sobriety is that they don’t get help. When you’re struggling with a powerful disease like addiction, it’s important to get help from qualified professionals. Those who take advantage…

Cynthia Gray Farmer headshot

Employee Spotlight: July 2017

Meet Cynthia! Meet July’s spotlight employee Cynthia Gray Farmer! Cynthia has been working in our programs at MRC for 13 years. As the Clinical Supervisor, she is always working hard to find new ways to implement clinical strategies with her peers. Cynthia’s creativity truly shines when she is working with the patients and it is…

DeMarius Foy headshot

Employee Spotlight: June 2017

Meet DeMarius! Meet June’s spotlight employee DeMarius Foy! DeMarius has been working with the youth at MRC for a little over a year. He teaches English and History at our on-campus school (Transitions Learning Center) and does an incredible job motivating and encouraging patients. We are so grateful to have DeMarius on our team!