Codeine vs Hydrocodone: Which Is More Addictive?

Many people today suffer from health conditions that lead to chronic pain. In these situations, it is common for medical professionals to prescribe potent painkillers. However, in the discussion of codeine vs hydrocodone, which is more addictive? Learning more about these prescription painkillers will help you detect an addiction.

Understanding Codeine vs Hydrocodone

When researching codeine vs hydrocodone, it’s important to understand both of these medications more fully. Codeine is an opioid pain-relieving medication that doctors often prescribe following certain medical procedures. Hydrocodone is an opioid drug that includes acetaminophen to provide stronger painkilling effects. While many people wonder which drug is more addictive in nature, it is important to note that both medications can lead to a serious addiction.

Signs of Prescription Painkiller Addiction

Becoming aware of the differences between codeine vs hydrocodone also requires a deeper understanding of the signs of addiction. The following list offers some insight into clues common among all painkiller addictions:

Keeping Secrets

Those struggling with the weight of addiction may try to hide their actions from others. They generally take great measures to ensure loved ones do not have to worry about the serious nature of their problem.

Seeing Multiple Doctors

The FDA considers prescription painkillers to be controlled substances. Therefore, a doctor will only allow a specific number of pain pills to be given to each person. Some people who are dealing with an addiction will seek medical care from several different doctors, so they have regular access to medication.

Experiencing Personality Changes

Prescription painkillers can have a powerful effect on an individual’s mood and personality. He may have problems controlling his emotions and connecting with others in a meaningful way.

Tips for Seeking Professional Help

In the battle of codeine vs hydrocodone, no one wins. If you are concerned about the welfare of a loved one, take comfort in knowing that a professional hydrocodone or codeine addiction treatment program can provide relief. The following tips can help your family get the treatment and support you deserve:

Communication with Family

First of all, it is crucial for the entire family to maintain an open forum of discussion regarding the problems that exist. Encourage your loved ones to talk about the ways addiction has impacted their daily life. It may also help to talk about your goals for recovery and a happy future.

Make a List of Important Treatment Factors

Once your family has an open dialogue going, it may be beneficial to talk about the treatment elements that are most significant to you. You can discuss the types of qualities that you would like to seek in a rehab facility. This can make narrowing your search much more manageable.

Contact Various Rehab Facilities

Many people affected by addiction choose to meet with several different rehab facilities before they make a choice. This can allow you to select the facility that aligns with your goals.

Memphis Recovery Centers is an addiction rehab center in Memphis, Tennessee. By providing access to a variety of treatment options, the professionals here can design a custom treatment program for each individual in a caring environment.

Don’t let an addiction stop you from living the type of life you deserve. Regardless of whether you’re using codeine vs hydrocodone, you can overcome addiction challenges with the right support. Call 866-304-8254 to find out how Memphis Recovery Centers can help you get your life back on track.

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