Drug Addiction Treatment That is Tailored To Your Needs

You know your loved one is unique. The people who are experiencing substance use disorder need drug addiction treatment that is as individualized as they are. Today, rehab centers understand that when a person is struggling with substance use disorder, in many instances, they aren’t able to stop using. If your loved one has a drug addiction, it has likely also rewired their brain, and they will need help from a professional addiction treatment center.

How To Find The Right Drug Addiction Treatment

The answer is to go to individualized drug addiction treatment. At Memphis Recovery Centers, we tailor your program to your particular needs, desires, and circumstances. The drug addiction treatment center where your loved one receives care is the second most important decision of the recovery process. The most important one is the decision your loved one made to get help in the first place. Look for the following when choosing a drug treatment center:

Length Of Treatment

A program that specifies a specific range of treatment might be too limiting if your loved one needs drug treatment services for a more extended period. Instead of opting for treatment that offers 30-, 60-, or 90-day programs, for example, look for one that is open-ended about the length of time allowed for treatment.

Continuum Of Care

Residential substance use disorder treatment provides the best access to the support, services, and resources your loved one needs to recover from their addiction. The ability to “step down” in care gives them the ability to transition between different types as they are ready.

Your loved one can step down to a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and then an intensive outpatient program (IOP) after they have finished with residential treatment. This can help minimize the chances of relapse because they are getting the care they need at the pace that is best for them.

Strong Family Involvement

When your loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, it affects everyone around them — including their family. The family unit needs to be an integral part of recovery for several reasons. Perhaps one of the most important of those is because you are part of your loved one’s support system. Addressing and healing family issues not only helps your loved one recover, but it can also make your family stronger.

Choose a Non-Profit Treatment Center

A non-profit drug treatment center can focus on caring for individuals who are struggling with substance use disorder instead of searching for ways to boost their profit margin. Because a non-profit isn’t as tied to the parameters that insurance sets, it provides your loved one with the flexibility they need to recover fully. There’s no standard treatment plan or length of time. Instead, a non-profit treatment center does what is best for the individual.

At Memphis Recovery Centers, the focus is on each individual and what they need to gain back control of their lives. Our caring staff is passionate about helping your loved one overcome their addiction. We provide high-quality services at Memphis Recovery Centers.

Our services include the following and more:

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