Reaching out for help isn’t always easy. However, when you take that first step with Memphis Recovery Centers, you have moved toward recovery. We ensure all of our clients get the type of support they need to be successful. With Memphis Recovery Centers’ men’s rehab and women’s rehab programs, we can help you feel more comfortable in a setting where everyone is the same gender. There are many benefits of gendered rehab versus co-ed rehab. Feeling like you have a safe space to discuss your issues and concerns is one of those benefits. While some people prefer a co-ed rehab or don’t have a preference, a gender-specific rehab can provide the treatment and guidance you need.

Choose the Right Quality Treatment Plan

Our approach to addiction treatment is based on gendered vs. coed rehab, so we can help more people feel secure as they move toward a strong recovery. If you’ve experienced any kind of trauma related to the opposite gender, a coed rehab environment may not be comfortable for you. During treatment, you need to feel free to express all your concerns and talk openly about your addiction or other issues. If you can do that more fully when everyone is the same gender, the benefits of gendered rehab may work for you. We want you to get back to a level of health and wholeness, and live a recovered life.

With many treatment programs, Memphis Recovery Centers can offer you the support and guidance you need to succeed. Our trained professionals are caring and compassionate, and they understand how important it is for you to have a safe space to address your addiction and related issues. We want to help you focus on your recovery and not be distracted or uncomfortable. With gendered vs. coed rehab, you can reduce distraction and feel safe being open about the addiction problems you’re facing. Thus, you can move into recovery faster, so you can get back to living the happy life you were meant to live.

We Offer Many Benefits of Gendered Rehab

Through our family therapy program, clients can get help when they have addiction in their family. Also, they can learn to work with each other and relate to each other better. We provide very individualized, residential treatment, and treat adults and adolescents. Because we want to make sure you’re staying on the right road and getting the support you need, our treatment facility also provides six months of aftercare. Being able to talk to us after your treatment is complete can help. We offer a lot of programs and services during treatment, too, including:

Because we offer many different treatments and support options, you’ll get the right kind of treatment plan. We focus on the individual. Thus, there is no “standard” treatment plan here. Instead, the plan you have will be for you, and the length of your stay will be, too. Also, we work with your insurance and explore other options to make sure you get the right help. That way, you can succeed and make a full, strong, and lasting recovery.

Get the Help You Need Today From Memphis Recovery Centers

You don’t need to let addiction control any aspect of your life any longer. There are options for you to overcome your addiction. By coming to Memphis Recovery Centers, you’ll find quality treatment facilities with the benefits of gendered rehab. Contact us at 866.202.8078 today, and we’ll get you started down the road to recovery.

Memphis Recovery Centers

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