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Understanding Inpatient vs Outpatient Programs

Addiction treatment can come in many different varieties. Prospective patients and their loved ones face a number of decisions when trying to find the best care. One important question will be deciding between inpatient vs outpatient care. Learn more about both before making your choice.

Defining Inpatient Addiction Programs

In the most basic sense, inpatient drug rehab is where patients spend all of their time in a chosen facility. As a 24/7 program, patients spend each night on the premises.

For patients with a severe addiction, inpatient programs are often the most obvious starting point. They allow for around-the-clock medical attention and constant accountability. Regular testing and a closed environment means that there’s almost no chance to go off-plan or relapse while in attendance.

Defining Outpatient Addiction Programs

Outpatient programs are a slightly different addiction treatment approach. Instead of spending all their time on site, patients come and go. Most notably, outpatient programs don’t have an overnight component.

There are two main types of outpatient care: general outpatient and intensive outpatient. Intensive outpatient, also known as an IOP program, requires several hours each week. It offers access to the most effective therapies and treatment, but it leaves plenty of time each day for school, work or family.

Inpatient vs Outpatient: Which is Better?

It’s normal for people to compare inpatient vs outpatient to determine which is best. However, the answer isn’t always clear. The best answer is that it depends on the patient.

Often, patients will do best starting in inpatient or residential care. This is the most intensive course of treatment for those serious about recovery. If there is a strong family support group, though, outpatient may be just as effective.

What is important to remember is that both types of addiction treatment will boast evidence-based therapies. This is critical to lasting recovery. Whether inpatient or outpatient, the best programs will offer:

Choosing Inpatient and Outpatient Care During Recovery

A lot of patients opt for both types of treatment. At the beginning, inpatient care is a smart option. It creates the foundation for lasting sobriety and helps patients prepare for the risk of relapse.

Then, patients can transition to outpatient care. This is an important stepping stone to completely independent living, and it can be a part of aftercare. In this way, patients enjoy both forms of treatment for comprehensive recovery.

Both inpatient and outpatient programs can be effective in treating an addiction. At Memphis Recovery in Memphis, Tennessee, you can choose from a range of programs designed to get you to recovery. Begin your journey to health and happiness by calling 866-304-8254.