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Making a Difference Employee: April 2016

Congratulations to Ms. Josephine McKinney for being chosen for April’s Making a Difference Employee! Peers voted for Ms. Josephine due to her constant dedication and willingness to help the youth. She also has wonderful rapport with the YD boys, as they really listen and look forward to seeing her.

Q&A with Ms. Josephine

Q. If you could live in a book, TV show, or movie, what would it be?

A. The Bible. It is the most important book. I like how the Bible teaches others how to make a difference and I would like to be a part of one of those stories.

Q. Would you rather live without a phone or a television?

A. A television. I like to stay connected with others.

Q. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A. Paris, the “Romance City”. I love happiness, love, and romance. I would go with my sweetheart!

Q. Who is your personal hero?

A. My mom. She always tells it like it really is, she teaches how to help others, and she is a positive person. My mom is very wise and taught me to always be a blessing to others.

Q. What does it mean to be making a difference?

A. I know I am making a difference when I can see it. When you see what you have taught it is clear you have succeeded. It is important to stay consistent and to take your time with others. When the boys tell me they appreciate what I have told them, I know I am helping make a difference in their lives.

“A Passion for Youth”

Ms. Josephine, a Memphis native, has always had a passion for working with youth. She loves helping the boys at our Youth Development program. “When you see their character and attitude begin to change or they come back and tell you something positive, you know you are helping make a difference. It’s the best part of working at MRC.” Josephine has been at MRC for almost three years and is YD’s Lead Clinical Assistant.

When she isn’t working with the boys, she likes to spend time with her close knit family. Josephine has a daughter and two grandchildren. Her grandson will be graduating High School in May and her granddaughter is a cheerleader. Josephine loves to do crafts, especially jewelry making. She also enjoys decorating her home mixing vintage and modern styles.

“MRC is like my family.” Ms. Josephine loves her coworkers and would like to thank everyone for their advice and acknowledgement.

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