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Memphis Recovery Centers Receives Matching $50,000 Grant from the Plough Foundation

June 30, 2015 (Memphis, TN) — Memphis Recovery Centers (MRC) has received a $50,000 contribution from the Memphis-based Plough Foundation. Over the course of one year, MRC was challenged to raise $50,000 from other donor sources in order to receive the matching contribution from Plough.

MRC provides substance abuse treatment for adolescents and adults in the greater Mid-South region. The organization also assists patients with co-occurring mental health issues. MRC is one of the few treatment facilities in the region to offer residential programs for adolescents.

“For many years, the Plough Foundation has been a driving philanthropic force in our community,” said Mike McLoughlin, MRC’s President and CEO. “We are very fortunate to have an organization that not only commits to a very generous financial contribution, but also motivated our team to push our message out to the public in the interest of meeting the grant challenge. We greatly appreciate their support of MRC.”

MRC plans to allocate the Plough funding to a scholarship program to provide residential addiction treatment, including on campus school education, to youth whose families could otherwise not afford it.

MRC is located at 219 N. Montgomery Street in Memphis. You can learn more about its programs and team at


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