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Monthly Newsletter: MRC Minute January 2018

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Wellness Programs

We are kicking off 2018 by adding Yoga and Pilates classes to our Youth Program’s wellness time! These new activities will help our patients learn the importance of being able to center yourself in your body, mind, and soul. It is also a wonderful way to incorporate meditation and relaxation techniques, and it’s a great work out too!


                                         Learning to Give Back

At MRC, we love to take advantage of every opportunity to encourage our patients to volunteer in their community. The girls in our Youth Program had the chance to do just that this holiday season by volunteering at the local nursing home. While there, they visited with the residents and painted their fingernails! We hope to continue to find ways to encourage the youth throughout the year to give back by helping others in their community.


Share Your Story

If you are an MRC Alum and you would like to share your recovery story, please email We would love to give you the opportunity to encourage others with your story of hope.




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