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Monthly Newsletter: MRC Minute May 2017

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We are kicking off the summer at MRC in a big way with lots of outdoor activities! Just this month, patients have had field day, picnics, water balloons, sidewalk chalk art therapy, and planted flower beds. Our counselors have big plans to incorporate several exciting treatment activities where everyone can soak up the sunshine this summer!


Art Therapy Murals

MRC incorporates art therapy into our programs each week to enhance the recovery process. This month the patients of MRC’s Adult Program worked together to create two beautiful murals. Each mural is made up of individual canvases that were provided to the patients. They worked together to create a concept where they could incorporate each person’s canvas into one masterpiece. We are so impressed with their creativity and artistic abilities! These beautiful works of art are now proudly displayed in the halls of our Adult Program.

Senator Brian Kelsey Visits MRC

MRC is grateful to have support from Tennessee State Senator Brain Kelsey who came to tour our facility this month! Thank you for taking the time to come and learn more about our mission to help individuals and their families regain their lives through recovery.




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