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How the Heroin Epidemic Affects Families

There is no doubt that abusing heroin negatively impacts your life. The heroin epidemic, however, doesn’t only affect those who use. It can also affect families in many ways. Take a closer look at how the drug can destroy families and future generations and learn how to overcome heroin addiction. The Financial Toll of Heroin Use It’s impossible to avoid financial problems while using heroin. If you’re addicted to heroin, it’ll quickly become your priority. This can become a financial burden when all your money goes to fueling your addiction. If a person is regularly buying heroin, it adds up. ... Read more

How to Find the Best Rehabilitation Centers in Memphis TN

If you’re looking for a drug rehab center in Memphis, Tennessee, you’ll have access to various programs. However, it’s important to find the right one for your recovery. In order to identify the best rehabilitation centers in Memphis TN, keep the following guidelines in mind. Variety of Rehab Program Formats Drug rehab shouldn’t be a “one-size-fits-all” ordeal. While there are plenty of facilities, the main two are inpatient drug rehab and outpatient rehab. Often, the best plan of action is to start with inpatient care and then step down to outpatient care. This step-down approach is the best way to ... Read more

Employee Spotlight: June 2017

Meet DeMarius! Meet June’s spotlight employee DeMarius Foy! DeMarius has been working with the youth at MRC for a little over a year. He teaches English and History at our on-campus school (Transitions Learning Center) and does an incredible job motivating and encouraging patients. We are so grateful to have DeMarius on our team! Give Memphis Recovery a call at 866-304-8254 to begin your recovery process.

Understanding the Addiction Definition

Drug or alcohol addiction was once considered a “bad habit.” Because addiction is often associated with personal blame and shame, it made seeking help difficult. Today, the addiction definition has been updated. While there’s still somewhat of a stigma, most of society no longer casts out struggling individuals. How Is the Addiction Definition Understood Today? Today’s addiction definition relates to a chronic, relapsing brain disease. This means that addiction is much like asthma, heart disease, and diabetes. These are other diseases that can become better but are still prone to relapse. A diabetic is vulnerable to a sugar-induced relapse. A ... Read more

Monthly Newsletter: MRC Minute May 2017

Check out what’s new at MRC!   Summertime We are kicking off the summer at MRC in a big way with lots of outdoor activities! Just this month, patients have had field day, picnics, water balloons, sidewalk chalk art therapy, and planted flower beds. Our counselors have big plans to incorporate several exciting treatment activities where everyone can soak up the sunshine this summer!   Art Therapy Murals MRC incorporates art therapy into our programs each week to enhance the recovery process. This month the patients of MRC’s Adult Program worked together to create two beautiful murals. Each mural is made up ... Read more

Senator Brian Kelsey Visits MRC

Memphis Recovery Centers was honored to welcome Tennessee State Senator, Brian Kelsey to our facility on May 16th. Senator Kelsey met with MRC’s President & CEO, Director of Clinical Operations, Director of Program Operations, and our Board President to discuss the need for drug and alcohol treatment in our community. He was given a tour of our Adult Program and also took advantage of the opportunity to speak with some of our patients. We were delighted that Senator Kelsey visited our facility and had the opportunity to see first-hand how MRC is working to make a difference in the lives of individuals across the state ... Read more

Is Alcohol a Drug? Why the Answer is Yes

Alcohol is legal and widely consumed around the world. For that reason, many people think of it as a harmless substance. But, is alcohol a drug? The answer is yes, and here’s why. Alcohol Is a Depressant Drugs can be stimulants, sedatives, depressants or pain relievers. Most people would be surprised to learn that alcohol is a depressant.   Although many people drink alcohol for its stimulant benefits, the substance actually slows down the central nervous system. Clearly, alcohol leaves a negative impact, as evidenced by the effects of a hangover. Alcohol is a depressant substance, which makes it very ... Read more

Employee Spotlight: May 2017

Meet Jennifer! Meet May’s spotlight employee Jennifer Armstrong! Jennifer has been working as the HR Manager at Memphis Recovery Centers for 15 years. Jennifer works hard behind the scenes in many different aspects of administration to make sure that we can work toward fulfilling our mission everyday. Thank you Jennifer for helping us make a difference!   Give Memphis Recovery a call at 866-304-8254 to begin your recovery process.

How Prescription Drug Abuse Affects Young Adults

Prescription drug addiction and abuse run rampant across all demographics. However, it’s particularly worrying for young people. Addictive medications can affect young adults in devastating ways. Prescription Drug Abuse Can Affect Brain Development Prescription drugs in various forms can affect cognitive function. Many people that use prescription drugs recreationally will see a reduction in memory, judgment or rational thinking. For young people, these issues are more pronounced. Additionally, prescription drugs can impede brain development. The human brain can develop well into adulthood. Using prescription drugs while the brain is still developing may create lasting cognitive problems. In some studies, young people ... Read more

Is Addiction a Disease? Yes.

In the past, society has viewed addiction as a choice or some kind of moral flaw. In reality, that definition couldn’t be further from the truth. You might be asking, “Is addiction a disease?” Without a doubt, the answer is, “Yes.” Is Addiction a Disease? The Answer Is Yes The National Institute on Drug Abuse is just one governing body that identifies addiction as a disease. In order for addiction to be considered as an illness, it usually needs to be something professionals can clearly diagnose. Because The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders includes substance abuse disorder, addiction is clearly ... Read more