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How Prescription Drug Abuse Affects Young Adults

Prescription drug addiction and abuse run rampant across all demographics. However, it’s particularly worrying for young people. Addictive medications can affect young adults in devastating ways.

Prescription Drug Abuse Can Affect Brain Development

Prescription drugs in various forms can affect cognitive function. Many people that use prescription drugs recreationally will see a reduction in memory, judgment or rational thinking. For young people, these issues are more pronounced.

Additionally, prescription drugs can impede brain development. The human brain can develop well into adulthood. Using prescription drugs while the brain is still developing may create lasting cognitive problems.

In some studies, young people that abuse prescription drugs saw a reduction in IQ level. This proves that prescription drug abuse isn’t just a short-term problem, and it can mean lifelong cognitive impairment.

Addiction Risks Increased Among Young Users

Many types of prescription drugs are addictive. Users can develop an addiction whether they’re 18 or 80. However, there may be an increased risk for young people.

People who try prescription drugs at a young age are more likely to become addicts in the future. That’s one reason young people should avoid recreational prescription drug abuse. Even when physicians prescribe the medications, young adults should be wary. Following medical recommendation is key. Failing to do so can lead to dangerous, life-altering consequences.

Prescription Drug Use Can Impact the Way That Young Adults Socialize For a Lifetime

People form social habits and cues during puberty and young adulthood. When young adults abuse prescription drugs, it can change the way they socialize and communicate.

Various prescription drugs can change mood, behavior and communication skills. For instance, some young adults might only feel comfortable talking with others when they’re under the influence. Trying to learn how to socialize and interact after rehab means changing old habits. While this can be tough for all patients, it can be particularly troubling for young adults.

Young Adults May Require Emergency Treatment and Can Suffer Overdoses

Many young adults want to experiment while they’re still young. Pink hair and rock music are one thing, but mixing and matching prescription drugs takes experimentation to a dangerous level.

Young adults are more likely to overdose on prescription drugs. This can cause lifelong health problems. In the very worst cases, it can even lead to death.

Young Adult Addiction Treatment

The addiction treatment approach for young adults is unique. While some teens choose residential care, others feel more at home in an intensive outpatient program ,or IOP. This means teens can stay with their parents while participating in a youth treatment program during the day.

Young adults can benefit from a wide range of treatment modalities. At Memphis Recovery, effective options include:

Prescription drug abuse negatively impacts everyone, but young adults can be hit the hardest. At Memphis Recovery in Memphis, Tennessee, you or the teen you love can overcome addiction in a safe environment. Call 866-304-8254 to begin your journey to recovery today.