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How to Find the Best Rehabilitation Centers in Memphis TN

If you’re looking for a drug rehab center in Memphis, Tennessee, you’ll have access to various programs. However, it’s important to find the right one for your recovery. In order to identify the best rehabilitation centers in Memphis TN, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Variety of Rehab Program Formats

Drug rehab shouldn’t be a “one-size-fits-all” ordeal. While there are plenty of facilities, the main two are inpatient drug rehab and outpatient rehab. Often, the best plan of action is to start with inpatient care and then step down to outpatient care.

This step-down approach is the best way to prepare patients for independent living. During residential or inpatient care, clients get 24/7 care and support, which promotes accountability. Then, during an intensive outpatient program, or IOP, patients can begin to flex their independence. However, they will still have structure and support whenever they need it.

Aftercare Options for Relapse Prevention

Recovery isn’t complete the day a patient leaves rehab. Relapse can feel like an ongoing risk, so patients need to be prepared for cravings and temptations. Having a plan of action and coping mechanisms can help, but aftercare is also critical.

The best rehab centers will provide several months of aftercare for all patients. This is a support system that can be there for patients as they transition to a new and healthy life. Aftercare availability is a big factor in determining whether or not patients will struggle with relapse in the future.

Cares About the Patient, Not the Profit

Many rehab centers are run as businesses where profit is the priority. The best rehab programs, however, make patients the priority. Often, a non-profit addiction treatment center will place the needs of the patient above their bottom line.

Look for a rehab center that allows patients to choose the medical care that will benefit them the most. This approach lets everyone get the support they need, regardless of available finances or socioeconomic status.

Offers Individualized Plans for Recovery

Finally, look for an addiction treatment approach that allows for flexibility. Since no two patients are identical, no two patients should follow the exact same recovery plan. The option to customize recovery plans means an individualized and ultimately more successful road to sobriety.

Some of the treatment methods that can be a part of an individualized recovery plan might include:

There are several rehabilitation centers in Memphis TN. If you’re looking for the very best option, consider Memphis Recovery. Call 866-304-8254 to learn more about non-profit recovery and how to create a plan for your lifelong sobriety, health, and happiness.