Schizophrenia vs Psychosis: What’s the Difference?

Many people that suffer from alcohol and drug addiction find that they have co-existing conditions requiring treatment. For example, addiction and mental illness commonly occur together. The following information will talk specifically about schizophrenia. It will also help you determine the differences between schizophrenia vs psychosis.

Schizophrenia vs Psychosis: Deciphering the Difference

Learning the differences between schizophrenia vs psychosis can help you know when to seek professional assistance. Psychosis refers to a specific group of symptoms that can occur with various conditions. These symptoms include seeing and hearing things that are not there. Schizophrenia, however, is a mental illness hallmarked by psychotic symptoms and similar problems.

Understanding the Impact of Mental Illness

When talking about the differences between schizophrenia vs psychosis, it becomes clear that mental illnesses can impact all areas of life. Relationships, careers, and the simple tasks of life can become enormous challenges. When addiction occurs at the same time, the person can feel as if things can never improve. The following list covers a few reasons why seeking help is so important:

Relationship Breakdown

Mood swings and personality changes can occur with both mental illness and addiction. These issues can make relationships hard to maintain. Proper treatment can restore lost trust and establish healthy communication.

Loss of Career and Income

Mental illness and addiction can bring the most established career to an end. This can result in loss of income that may even lead to the repossession of homes and vehicles.

Decline in Physical Health

Obviously, it is difficult to maintain good health in the face of mental illness or addiction. A person facing these challenges may have a hard time caring for his own needs.

Mental Illness Treatment Options

Finding the right schizophrenia disorder treatment program can offer you the relief you and your family deserve. The following treatment options can form a treatment plan that is right for you:


Regardless of whether you’re dealing with schizophrenia vs psychosis, various forms of psychotherapy can provide ways for a person to address underlying problems that may have led to their mental illness. Psychotherapy can occur in groups or on an individual basis.

Prescription Medications

In many cases, carefully monitored prescription medications are used to help control psychotic symptoms. This can also allow other treatment options to have a more significant impact.

Family-Centered Therapies

Family therapies can help other members of the household understand what is happening more fully. It can also act to provide a strong support system to the one who has a mental illness.

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