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3 Signs of Addiction

Even when you’re aware that substance abuse is a problem for a loved one, recognizing an addiction isn’t always easy. It’s also tricky because the symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction can be unique to the substance as well as the individual. Overall, however, these three signs of addiction can help you spot a problem before it develops further.

1. Unexplained Physical Changes

To a friend or family member, the physical changes that addiction causes may be some of the easiest to spot. While a person may be able to hide depression or liver damage, they can’t hide rapid weight loss or open wounds on the skin. Ultimately, the physical changes will have a lot to do with the substance that an individual abuses. Whatever the substance, however, physical changes are likely.

Often, people abusing drugs or alcohol will notice significant and unexplained weight loss or weight gain. You might also notice that individuals struggling with addiction have marks on their skin from injections or scratching.

2. Changes to Sleeping Patterns

Addiction can also drastically impact a person’s sleep cycle. Some drugs, including stimulants, can falsely increase energy in the short term. Over time, however, that sleep debt will accumulate and lead to difficulty sleeping.

Sedatives, on the other hand, can cause a distinct lack of energy. It can lead to nodding, or the inability to stay awake and function properly. These drugs may also lead to poor, restless sleep. This only continues the cycle of sleep problems for most people with addiction.

If you notice that a loved one is sleeping at unusual hours, or can’t stay awake for their normal routine, it could be a sign of an addiction.

3. Shifts in Mood, Personality or Behavior

Addiction can also greatly impact a person’s behavior. Someone who used to be outgoing and friendly, or who socialized at every opportunity, might suddenly become withdrawn and quiet. The opposite is also possible, with quiet adults suddenly becoming the life of the party.

The biggest takeaway from this is that unexplained change can be a sign of a bigger problem. Addiction has the potential to change the way a person feels, thinks and interacts with the world. It can also lead to depression, anxiety or paranoia. All of these factors that impact everyday life in countless ways.

What to Do When You Spot These Signs of Addiction

If you spot these signs of addiction, or any others, it might be time to take action. Sometimes, an intervention could be necessary. Then, you can begin the search for an appropriate recovery program.

At Memphis Recovery, you can expect a wide range of treatment methods that promote lasting and comprehensive recovery. Some of these treatments include:

While these aren’t the only signs of addiction to consider, they can help you spot a drug or alcohol dependence in a loved one. Fortunately, Memphis Recovery in Memphis, Tennessee, can offer a path to recovery. Call 866-304-8254 and start working toward sobriety today.