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4 Signs of Cocaine Addiction

One of the issues with the current opioid epidemic is that people aren’t placing a lot of emphasis on other addictions. In some cases, people minimize other drugs because of the devastating number of overdoses as a result of opioid abuse. The reality is that cocaine is an extremely dangerous drug as well, and thousands of people die from it each year. If you have a loved one who may have a problem, it’s important for you to know the signs of cocaine addiction.

Psychological Signs of Cocaine Addiction and Withdrawal

When someone actively abuses cocaine, you’ll see quite a few psychological changes. Cocaine is a stimulant that gives a person high amounts of energy, and it can also give him or her a false sense of power. Those who use cocaine will also be likely to go through drastic mood swings that can often seem manic. It’s important to look out for the symptoms of withdrawal from cocaine, as well, which can include:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Irritability

Unlike many other drugs, the signs of cocaine addiction and withdrawal are often psychological rather than physical. When a person is coming down from cocaine, he or she may become extremely irritable and verbally abusive. This happens because the isn’t receiving its regular hit of dopamine. This psychological dependence makes the person feel as though he or she must have the drug. When looking for these signs, you should also know the different ways people use cocaine so you can recognize physical differences.

The Physical Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine comes in two primary forms. This include powder and rock cocaine, which people take in different ways. Depending on the person’s lifestyle, he or she may primarily snort cocaine, so you may see residue on his or her nose. Those who snort cocaine often sniff a lot, rub their noses, and may also regularly rub their teeth. Powdered cocaine is often used by middle and upper-class people, but rock cocaine is a huge problem as well.

Those who use rock cocaine may smoke it, which means they’ll have paraphernalia, like glass pipes. Rock cocaine is also like heroin because many people will dissolve the drug and then inject it. If a person is injecting cocaine, you may see track marks on his or her arms or legs. Some people are much more discreet when it comes to injecting cocaine, so they may inject in their neck or areas covered by clothes.

Seeking Help for Addiction

If you think your loved one is struggling with a cocaine addiction, Memphis Recovery Centers is here to help. Our facility has been helping people overcome addiction for over 40 years, and we’re passionate about the work that we do. We know that addiction recovery is a journey, which is why we offer all of our clients up to six months of aftercare. Some of our other treatment methods include:

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