3 Signs of Marijuana Addiction in Adults

Marijuana abuse is a common problem across the country. It is essential to be able to recognize the most prevalent signs of marijuana addiction in adults. However, what is marijuana, and how can you tell if you or a loved one has an addiction to it?

Understanding Marijuana

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that comes from the cannabis plant. Although it has limited uses in the world of medicine, most people use marijuana in a recreational sense. It contains a compound that creates a sensation of pleasure in the body. However, this compound can also lead to the development of an addiction to marijuana. To get help with this problem, it is essential to know the signs of marijuana addiction in adults.

3 Signs of Marijuana Addiction in Adults

If you are going to get the right kind of help for a substance abuse problem, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the following signs of marijuana addiction in adults.

Inability to Perform Responsibilities

Those struggling with the intense weight of an addiction will often be unable to perform their responsibilities. For example, they may be late to work on a consistent basis. When they are on time, they may fail to live up to the requirements expected of them.

Social Isolation

Those facing an addiction often isolate themselves from others. They may also lose interest in their favorite hobbies or activities.

Inability to Function Normally Without Marijuana Use

Those struggling with a marijuana addiction may find themselves unable to function without using the drug. In fact, the absence of marijuana may make them feel extremely anxious or depressed. Generally, they will also continue to use larger amounts of the drug as time goes on.

Helping a Family Member Overcome Marijuana Addiction

The signs of marijuana addiction in adults can be difficult to watch in someone you care about. Take to heart that real help is available. If you’re looking for a quality marijuana addiction treatment program Memphis offers, you might start by having a conversation with your family. Be sure to talk about all of your concerns and what you would like to achieve out of the treatment process. This type of open communication will help your family to find a treatment center that is best suited to your needs.

Memphis Recovery Centers is a skilled addiction treatment center located in Memphis, Tennessee. By carefully analyzing the needs of each person who comes through our doors, Memphis Recovery is able to target a treatment plan for each individual. The caring staff at Memphis Recovery have many treatment options at their disposal that can make the recovery from addiction easier. Additionally, a personalized plan of care can include follow-up to limit the risk of a future relapse.

Don’t let an untreated addiction stop you from living the kind of life you have always wanted. You can gain the tools necessary to overcome addiction with the help of a caring rehab facility. Contact Memphis Recovery Centers at 866-304-8254 to find out more about the unique treatment options we offer for the signs of marijuana addiction in adults.

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