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What Is Structural Family Therapy?

Drug or alcohol addiction causes problems in all areas of a person’s life, and it can stem from earlier life experiences. Therefore, getting to the heart of the issue is important. One type of therapy is quite effective at helping not only the addicted individual but also those who are close to this person. Structural family therapy, or SFT, helps to address the patterns that developed between family members and to find solutions for better understanding.


About Structural Family Therapy

Sometimes, mental health issues such as personality disorders, depression, and anxiety can exist within families. These issues become interwoven in the structure of the ways in which members interact. They can lead to destructive and dysfunctional patterns.


Structural family therapy focuses on altering these family structures instead of addressing what is thought to be “wrong” with each member. It’s the goal of this approach to teach better communication and boundaries among members so that the resulting family structure will be healthier.


How SFT Works


Your therapist will observe the interactions between family members and then work to create a structural chart to demonstrate observed interactions. This chart, or map, will help to visibly show relationship patterns between specific people within the family structure.


From there, he or she can point out problems that exist and suggest potential solutions for the family to work on. The therapist will provide your family with hands-on tools you can use to improve relations. You’ll be taught ways to make changes, and given the opportunity to practice these suggestions.


Ways Memphis Recovery Can Help


Here at Memphis Recovery, we focus on an individual approach to helping our clients. We know each person is unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all treatment. As a non-profit center, we have the flexibility to work with your needs, rather than those of the insurance companies.


Our expert services include:



We also have a partial hospitalization program, as well as an intensive outpatient program. We also provide aftercare to our clients.


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