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How Long Does Percocet Withdrawal Last?

When a person suffers from an addiction to prescription painkillers like Percocet, they may have many important questions about the recovery process. However, what is Percocet? Furthermore, how long does Percocet withdrawal last? Understanding Percocet Withdrawal Percocet is an opioid pain-relieving medication that is available by prescription only. Since Percocet affects specific areas of the brain, long-term use can lead to a serious addiction. When this occurs, withdrawal symptoms are common if a person goes too long between doses or stops using altogether. How long does Percocet withdrawal last? The length of this process will vary depending on the severity ... Read more

What Is Residential Treatment?

Since a substance abuse disorder can be so all-encompassing, you might want to immerse yourself in treatment. Some people ask, “What is residential treatment?” Learning more about this type of rehab can help you find the best option for long-term therapy. What Is Residential Treatment? When you undergo residential treatment, you live at a facility as you move through your treatment plan. You’ll be with peers who are going through similar circumstances. This gives you a chance to take a break from a social circle that might be detrimental. Maybe your friends at home encourage you to use drugs. Your ... Read more

What Is the Polysubstance Abuse Definition?

Addiction of any kind can be detrimental to your physical, mental, and social health. Of course, things get riskier when you take more than one drug at once. Understanding the polysubstance abuse definition can help you recognize the severity of your addiction and get the right treatment. Polysubstance Abuse Definition According to the Encyclopedia of Medical Disorders, the polysubstance abuse definition involves the indiscriminate use of more than two different drugs simultaneously. People who suffer from this disorder don’t have a preference for a particular substance. There is not much literature about polysubstance abuse. Therefore, many misunderstand the diagnosis. However, ... Read more

What a Day at Drug Treatment Centers Is Like

Most people who struggle with drug addiction know that they need help. However, they often don’t seek assistance because they don’t know what to expect from drug treatment centers. Knowing what to expect can make attending rehab less intimidating. What Is a Typical Day at Drug Treatment Centers A typical day at a rehab center depends greatly on the facility itself. In general, most drug treatment centers start people with a hearty breakfast. They typically like for their clients to get an early start to the day too. Having a reasonable schedule helps people develop healthy living habits.   After ... Read more

Is Drug Addiction a Disease?

No one argues with the fact that drug addiction is a serious issue. However, there’s plenty of debate around one specific question: Is drug addiction a disease? By and large, the answer is yes. Below are some of the more compelling reasons to consider addiction a disease. Much of Addiction is Genetic Some people still argue that addiction is a choice or a moral flaw of some kind. However, experts can dismiss this argument with a single fact. Addiction is largely genetic. This means that some individuals are inherently more likely to struggle with addiction. There’s a pre-existing characteristic in ... Read more

3 Signs of Addiction

Even when you’re aware that substance abuse is a problem for a loved one, recognizing an addiction isn’t always easy. It’s also tricky because the symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction can be unique to the substance as well as the individual. Overall, however, these three signs of addiction can help you spot a problem before it develops further. 1. Unexplained Physical Changes To a friend or family member, the physical changes that addiction causes may be some of the easiest to spot. While a person may be able to hide depression or liver damage, they can’t hide rapid weight ... Read more

Where Can My Teen Go for Drug Addiction Help?

Being a parent to a teen user is extremely troubling. Prioritizing your teen’s well-being is already your biggest concern. If your child has a drug addiction, you may wonder where you went wrong. What can you do to find drug addiction help? Read on to find the answers you’re looking for. Drug Addiction Help Starts with Understanding Drug addiction is an illness. Like asthma or cancer, your child’s addiction is not your fault. Teens are extremely susceptible to substance abuse because of underdevelopment and life stressors. More and more teens are experimenting with drugs than ever before, which is risky. ... Read more

Is Addiction a Disease? Yes.

In the past, society has viewed addiction as a choice or some kind of moral flaw. In reality, that definition couldn’t be further from the truth. You might be asking, “Is addiction a disease?” Without a doubt, the answer is, “Yes.” Is Addiction a Disease? The Answer Is Yes The National Institute on Drug Abuse is just one governing body that identifies addiction as a disease. In order for addiction to be considered as an illness, it usually needs to be something professionals can clearly diagnose. Because The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders includes substance abuse disorder, addiction is clearly ... Read more

Addiction Treatment Programs: The First Step to Change

Drug addiction is a compulsive and chronic disease. People who don’t suffer from addiction often struggle to understand its complexity, which is why addiction treatment programs involve multiple steps. Learn more about taking that first step. The First Step in Addiction Treatment Programs The first step in getting addiction help depends on the rehab centers that people visit. For example, some will say that the first step is getting help or admitting that there’s a problem. Others will say that the first step is detox. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, undergoing detox first is the proper approach. In ... Read more

Why Some Residential Treatment Centers Miss the Mark

Contrary to popular belief, addiction isn’t a voluntary behavior. In reality, substance abuse causes a chemical imbalance in the brain, taking away a person’s ability to simply stop using drugs. Residential treatment centers are important because they give individuals valuable time to learn about their addiction and how to overcome it. Many medical professionals consider inpatient or residential treatment programs to be the most effective option when it comes to dealing with addiction. While this is true on most accounts, many rehab centers miss the mark when it comes to inpatient care. Learn why some residential treatment programs leave much ... Read more