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The Benefits of a Tennessee Rehab Center

When people suffer from addiction, they can seek help at a variety of rehab centers around the country. However, Tennessee has some of the best rehab centers in the nation. The benefits of a Tennessee rehab center are many. In some cases, people travel from across the country just to take advantage of them.

Gender-Specific Treatment

Many Tennessee rehab centers offer gender-specific treatment. Studies show that it’s essential for getting the most out of rehab. These programs separate men and women into groups. Gender-specific environments allow them to explore issues and triggers that are more common with their gender.

Unlike unisex treatment programs, gender-specific treatments make it easier for people to open up. Researchers suggest that both men and women have trouble opening up about issues in front of the opposite sex. Experts believe that this shyness is because of the gender roles and identities that society places on people.

Get Multiple Levels of Care at a Tennessee Rehab Center

In terms of care, many rehab clinics in Tennessee focus on providing a system with multiple levels care. The most effective rehab treatment involves several programs that work in a step-down method.

Most multi-level rehab programs start with residential rehab and graduate to outpatient rehab. In some cases, the programs also include intensive outpatient rehab before stepping down to outpatient treatment.

Reducing Stress With Therapy

It’s no secret that rehab centers use therapy to discover triggers and get to the root cause of addiction. However, Tennessee rehab facilities often take it to the next level. They use alternative therapy options to reduce stress, including art and music therapy.

Some centers try to reduce stress further through wellness programs. The body can naturally reduce stress with proper exercise and diet. Facilities in Tennessee offer nutrition counseling that provides clients with the proper foods to eat. It also teaches them which foods to eat so that they can continue eating healthy after leaving rehab.

When Only the Best Rehab Will Do, Look No Further Than Tennessee

At Memphis Recovery, our Tennessee rehab center prides itself on offering high-quality addiction treatment. One thing that sets us apart from others is our non-profit addiction treatment. Rather than profit from your addiction, we truly want to help you get better. We offer:

Count on us when you want only the best addiction rehab for you or a loved one. Let us lead you down the path to recovery and help you avoid relapse in the future. Reach out to Memphis Recovery today at 866-304-8254 to learn more about our addiction treatment approach.

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