The word addiction most often brings to mind drugs and alcohol, but there are many things that you can be addicted to. An addiction is anything that you depend upon for pleasure, even if it causes problems in other areas of life. Types of addiction include both substance and behavioral addictions, which can all create psychological dependence. Many also create physical dependence.

Signs of Addiction

While there are many types of addictions, they all have certain things in common. The most obvious one is that the person engaging in the substance or behavior finds it difficult to quit even though their life is being adversely affected. Some common signs that you are dealing with addiction include:

  • The inability to cut back or quit
  • You spend a great deal of time and energy engaging in the behavior
  • A failure to engage in responsibilities at school, work, or home because of the activity or substance
  • Relationship or social issues because of the issue
  • Withdrawal symptoms upon ceasing the activity or substance
  • Abandonment of  or lack of enjoyment in any activity that doesn’t include the activity or substance

Drugs and Alcohol Addictions

Of all the types of addiction, drugs and alcohol are the most known. With these, people become dependent on the pleasure that taking the substance brings to them. Over time, they need more and more of the substance to get the same effect. Chemical changes in the brain may make it impossible after time for the individual to get pleasure without the substance. Both drugs and alcohol cause psychological and physical dependence. These types of addiction have your body convinced it is impossible to live, and feel good, without them.  The substance abuse addictions put you at risk of overdose, and even death.

Behavioral Types of Addiction

Behavioral types of addiction cover a wide variety of activities. These are activities that at first produce such a good feeling that the individual wants to repeat the act. Eventually, there is a craving to do this more often, or in riskier circumstances. The actions end up being compulsive, and the individual literally can’t stop even though they know they are in danger of some adverse outcomes. Some of the more common behavioral addictions are:

  • Pyromania (a need to start fires)
  • Kleptomania (a need to steal, even of useless items)
  • Eating disorders such as bulimia (exercising can also be addictive)
  • Sex (even at the risk of venereal disease or ending of relationships)
  • Pornography (to the point where sex is not possible without it)
  • Shopping (even to the point of financial ruin and stealing to finance it)
  • Internet (this is especially prevalent for online gamers)
  • Cutting

Memphis Recovery Centers

At Memphis Recovery Centers, we believe that you or your loved one want to live a life free of all types of addiction. Contact us at 866.202.8078 to see what we have to offer. We approach treatment by providing evidence-based therapies that we tailor to your individual needs, strengths, and wishes.  In this way, you experience offers you the best chance of success. We have over four decades of helping individuals like you find their way to an addiction-free life. Your story could be the next successful one.

Memphis Recovery Centers

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