It’s common for those with substance abuse issues to also experience a mental health condition, and vice versa. Either issue could occur first, but they do often go hand in hand. The existence of two or more illnesses or disorders in one person is called comorbidity.

Managing both a mental health issue and a drug or alcohol problem can be tricky. Both issues must be addressed in ways that are specific to an individual’s needs in order to provide the best outcome, and that’s what we strive to do here at Memphis Recovery. We know you’re more than your addiction or diagnosis. Read on to learn more about what is comorbidity and how such issues can be most effectively treated.

What Is Comorbidity?

Comorbidity doesn’t always apply only to substance abuse and mental health. The existence of two or more conditions matters with regard to treatment because the way you address each issue can affect the others. For example, a person with an underlying mental health issue may not receive the most comprehensive and effective treatment if only their drug addiction is treated. Dual diagnosis treatment in Memphis TN addresses the mental health issue as it likely plays a role in drug use.

Reasons for Comorbidity

When considering what is comorbidity, you may wonder why it is so common for mental health issues and substance abuse to occur together. Also known as co-occurring disorders, these conditions aren’t necessarily caused by one or the other. You may not even be able to tell which came first. There are, however, reasons they often co-exist.

One reason is that both mental health disorders and substance abuse issues tend to be hereditary, so it’s not unusual for one person to be likely to develop both. Also, both mental health conditions and substance abuse have the potential to impact each other. Mental health conditions can be worsened through the use of drugs or alcohol, and these substances are sometimes used as a way of coping with a mental health problem.

How Memphis Recovery Can Help

Look for professional dual diagnosis treatment in Memphis TN such as the qualified facility Memphis Recovery. We can help you to manage mental health issues while recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Chances of recovery are increased when you receive professional services, and relapse is less likely.

Highlights of our program include:

Our program emphasizes treating your individual needs, not merely your addiction. The dual diagnosis trauma therapy Memphis TN offers can give you the peace of mind that both your substance issue and your mental health condition will be addressed.

When addressing what is comorbidity, a quality rehabilitation center like Memphis Recovery can help you on the road to wellness as a whole person. You aren’t alone. The support and knowledgeable care you receive can make this process much less stressful and increase your chances of success. Call us at 866.202.8078 to learn more.

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