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Despite an opioid epidemic proceeding in the United States, there’s a silent, but massive, long-standing battle against alcohol abuse. People struggle with alcoholism every day. Those showing signs of alcoholic symptoms often fail to get the necessary alcoholism treatment. Furthermore, its full social acceptance in cultures around the globe can easily disguise alcohol abuse. The unfortunate reality is some people lose control of their drinking, and that’s why Memphis Recovery is here to help.

Alcoholism Definition

One of the misconceptions that many people have is that you need to meet specific external criteria to have an alcohol addiction. People believe that you need to lose your job, spouse, children, and money to have alcoholism. Others think that even though they regularly drive drunk but haven’t received a DUI, they don’t have a problem. The fact is that the disease of addiction has nothing to do with what you have or don’t have because life circumstances can happen to anyone.

There are only two primary symptoms of addiction, which are a mental obsession and physical craving when it comes to alcohol. When you’re struggling with an addiction, the physical desire makes it difficult or impossible once you start. Even when you say you’re only going to have one or two drinks, you end up drinking until you’re drunk. The mental obsession is when drinking is consistently on your mind, and sometimes it’s difficult to focus on anything except for alcohol.

Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Those who struggle with any form of addiction have nothing to be ashamed of because addiction is a legitimate illness. Those who require substance abuse treatment don’t realize changes occurring in the reward pathways in your brain. Typically the brain demands actions that bring pleasure. The problem is that when you struggle with addiction, the prefrontal cortex of the brain doesn’t allow you to stop when you want to. Since this part of the brain isn’t working correctly, you have many other symptoms as well.

Some of the other responsibilities of the prefrontal cortex include:

  • Logical decision making
  • Impulse control
  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Emotional regulation

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, not only is it essential to realize that there is help through treatment, but you aren’t a wrong person. Dependence makes you begin to put your drinking ahead of friends, family as well as your career. When the prefrontal cortex isn’t allowing you to regulate your emotions or make logical decisions, it explains why people with an addiction hurt the ones they love the most. The solution comes in various forms of treatment that you’ll find right here at Memphis Recovery Center.

Top-Notch Memphis Addiction Treatment Center

Here at Memphis Recovery Center (MRC), we’re going to help educate you more about the disease of addiction and help you move forward. During your stay in treatment, we’re going to help you begin to realize that the drinking is only a symptom of your problem. Our Memphis, TN addiction treatment center will help you discover the root of your alcohol addiction. We do this through many different methods for drug and alcoholism treatment for anyone struggling with an addiction.

The recovery programs at MRC include:

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