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Heroin Withdrawal

Opiates and opioids continuously gain U.S. news coverage due to the rapid increase of heroin abuse across the country. Once you stop using opiates or opioids like prescription painkillers and heroin, you suffer intense heroin withdrawal effects. Heroin withdrawal has long been a subject of films and television programs, just as the epidemic is part of our evening news. While today’s heroin withdrawal symptoms aren’t as severe as it once was, you still deserve expert care to ensure a successful recovery.

Licensed detox and rehab facilities play a significant role in your heroin recovery. However, it’s crucial to understand the advantages of rehab under medical supervision rather than trying to detox at home or cold turkey. Qualified medical experts ease withdrawal symptoms throughout rehab.  Lastly, quality detox centers maintain a safe, secure, and peaceful environment throughout the process. Then you enter a licensed rehab, where a lasting recovery begins.

Why Heroin Withdrawal Occurs

Heroin withdrawal is the process of changes in your brain chemistry and your body’s response to pain. In your brain, cardiovascular system and respiratory system, heroin reaches your opioid receptors. These receptors receive signals that create emotional and physical reactions. Heroin replaces your natural chemicals, known as neurotransmitters, throwing your natural processes out of balance.

Pleasurable and rewarding effects arise in those using heroin. As a result, the brain craves more and more heroin as you develop a dependency on the nasty drug. Even more, physical and psychological dependence indicates that your body needs heroin to function normally.

Heroin abuse generates an array of physical effects including lower heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. Meanwhile, you feel rewarded, euphoric and relaxed for a short period. Once your high wears off, you demand more heroin to prevent ill effects of heroin withdrawal. Due to nasty heroin withdrawal and effects, individuals stay in the cycle of using as heroin addiction strengthens.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms and Effects

Withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person. There are many factors associated with which symptoms you experience. These factors include your addiction duration, how much heroin you use, how you use heroin, underlying health, genetics, and environment. Although these effects vary from person-to-person, there is a general timeline for heroin detox symptoms. You feel the first symptoms of withdrawal at about six to 12 hours after your last dose. The effects worsen to their peak at about one to three days after using the drug. Finally, heroin effects dissipate about a week later.

Signs of heroin withdrawal and symptoms include:

  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramps
  • Watery eyes, chills, runny nose, sweating, yawning and goosebumps
  • Muscle aches, bone aches, tremors, fatigue and muscle spasms
  • Agitation, restlessness, anxiety and concentration problems
  • Sleeplessness, depression and lack of pleasure
  • Hypertension, rapid heartbeat, and impaired respiration
  • Drug cravings

All of these symptoms are why you need the help of a reliable substance abuse treatment for safe withdrawal. In a licensed detox you are kept safe, comfortable, well-nourished, healthy and supported throughout your withdrawal period. After detox, you enter a licensed rehab program, where recovery begins.

The Exceptional Addiction Treatment You Deserve

Heroin abuse is widespread. Therefore, you aren’t alone in your addiction. At Memphis Recovery Center (MRC), our caring medical team administers heroin treatment that helps ease heroin withdrawal symptoms and gets you on the path to new life. Before you suffer the wrath of this dangerous drug, examine the MRC approach, along with our certified recovery programs that can include:

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