The pain reliever Vicodin provides help for many people with chronic pain, or those recovering from surgery or injury. However, this highly addictive drug also leads many people into addiction. Whether you start using Vicodin under a doctor’s care or from street-purchased pills, addiction quickly affects your life, too. Of course, real hope exists within a Vicodin addiction treatment program.

Vicodin works so well for pain because it mixes hydrocodone and acetaminophen. This mix ensures relief. However, that relief can turn you into part of the opioid epidemic, taking a terrible toll on your life.

Vicodin Abuse Starts Quickly and Easily

A person holding pills represents a need for a Vicodin addiction treatment programThe DEA warns patients against abusing Vicodin due to its addictive qualities. Once a Schedule III drug, Vicodin became a Schedule II controlled substance in October 2014. This means you also potentially face criminal charges for maintaining your drug abuse. If you buy the pills on the street or through illegal activities like doctor shopping, you can find yourself in prison.

Most people never intend to take such risks. They use Vicodin first under a doctor’s prescription. However, the high proves so warm and welcoming that they use more of the drug than prescribed or start taking their next dose before letting the earlier high wear off. This is a slow road into a dark place that claims many lives, addiction.

Vicodin abuse also causes liver damage and potentially liver failure. The drug’s acetaminophen leads to this injury, causing irreversible harm to your body. It’s why the FDA started restricting how much acetaminophen is in each dose. They cut the amount of this pain reliever in Vicodin by more than half.

Physical and Psychological Effects of Vicodin Abuse

Vicodin, like many other drugs, leads to many physical and psychological effects when abused. These problems go beyond the potential for liver damage and opioid addiction. The effects of Vicodin abuse match those of other opioids like heroin. They include:

  • Sleepiness
  • Constipation
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle pain and cramping
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Depressed heart rate and breathing
  • Depression

Do I Need Vicodin Addiction Treatment?

If you find yourself asking, “Do I need Vicodin addiction treatment,” you likely need help for your drug abuse. Rarely do people wonder this without facing true substance abuse problems or the potential of quickly falling into addiction. If you sense you struggle with a problem with Vicodin, you will benefit from Vicodin addiction treatment.

Still, it can prove challenging to see a need for a Vicodin addiction treatment program. Dependence causes you to suffer withdrawals when not using your drug, a clear sign of treatment need. Tolerance is another indicator, meaning you need more and more of the drug to feel its effects. By the time addiction takes hold, you use your drug even when it causes problems in your life.

Besides tolerance and withdrawal, other signs of needing Vicodin addiction treatment include using more than you intend, constantly craving your drug, and failing to quit despite wanting to do so. You spend too much time thinking about, using and obtaining more of your drug. You also forget important obligations and let people down when abusing the drug. Finally, you see how using it damages your life but feel compelled to keep going back to Vicodin.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment in Memphis, TN

Some people see their problem with Vicodin early, seeking treatment before the use damages their lives. Others continue abusing their pills, suffering intense withdrawal symptoms between doses and doing everything they can to avoid feeling ill.

Getting the help you need through Vicodin addiction treatment gives you a real chance for a better life. Your Vicodin addiction treatment program offers the therapies and support you need to put substance abuse and addiction behind you. You can break free of the opioid epidemic with this help.

Memphis Recovery Centers in Memphis, Tennessee provides Vicodin addiction rehab. Programs include:

For the drug and alcohol addiction treatment program Memphis trusts, call Memphis Recovery now at 866-304-8254. Through Vicodin addiction treatment you gain real hope for a better life. Start living in that hope now by calling Memphis Recovery.