A 30-day rehab program may seem like a big step, but if you’re struggling with an addiction, it may be just what you need. It may also be the right choice if you’ve been to a shorter treatment program and not seen the level of success you were hoping for. In that situation, you’ll want to find another program that will help you break free of your addiction for good. If you need an adult treatment program, Memphis Recovery Centers is a great place to find an option that works best for you.

30 day rehab

Getting a good quality rehab program can make a big difference when you’re working to conquer addiction issues. Be sure to choose an effective plan that lasts long enough to give you the support you need. If you don’t, you could end up struggling longer than you need to. Fortunately, Memphis Recovery Centers can change all that for you. Our 30-day rehab program is the type of treatment you want to receive to help you recover and ensure a bright, healthy future.

A 30 Day Rehab Can Help You Succeed

When you go to a rehab that only lasts a few days, you’ll learn some of the skills you need to feel better and work toward breaking your addiction. Unfortunately, you might not get everything you need to know. There will still be skills you haven’t learned and tools you won’t have in your arsenal. This can lead to relapse at a later date or could stop you from fully recovering the way you need to. A longer length rehab program can help you avoid that.

With a 30-day rehab program, Memphis Recovery Centers can be a great place to begin your journey toward health and wholeness. There’s a lot to do in and around the Memphis, TN, area, and you’ll have the guidance you need, as well. Whether you live close by or you’re further away, coming to Memphis Recovery Centers can be the right option to get a powerful rehab experience. This experience will help you get back to health so that you can move forward with your goals, dreams, and plans for the future.

You Need the Right Treatments for Full Recovery

Among the areas of a rehab facility you need to consider are the specific treatment programs the facility can provide. Those are the core issues you’ll want to look into. Your 30-day stay will need to include the kinds of things that are most important and valuable to you. At our facility, you can be part of a lot of different programs that could help you get better faster. The programs we offer to our clients are targeted to their needs, and include: 

We provide a high number of treatment options for your consideration. That makes it easier for you to get the help you need in a setting that’s comfortable, safe, and relaxing. There’s work to be done, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any time for fun and enjoyment. The purpose of a stay in rehab is to get better and get back to enjoying life. There’s no reason you can’t start doing that while you’re in the rehab, instead of waiting until you have completed treatment.

Memphis Recovery Centers Can Get You on the Right Road

Taking the right approach matters, and at Memphis Recovery Centers, we want to show you that we have an approach that can help you recover and succeed. You don’t have to let an addiction control you. You can break that addiction when you’re in an excellent drug rehab facility. Contact us today at 866.304.8254, and we’ll get you on the right road — one that leads to recovery.