Adult Drug Rehab

At Memphis Recovery Centers, we truly believe that addiction doesn’t have to be a life sentence. As part of our adult treatment program, we offer various programs for men and women seeking addiction recovery. These programs are self-paced and built upon specialized plans designed by the patient and his or her counselor.

Gender-Specific Treatment

When it comes to recovery, men and women face inherently different issues. Because of this, our adult treatment program features gender-responsive care. A gender-specific environment promotes more openness and honesty during the treatment process. It allows men and women to discuss issues that might feel uncomfortable in a mixed-sex atmosphere.

What Does Our Adult Treatment Program Include?

Men and women who enroll in our program can take advantage of numerous therapeutic approaches, including:

At MRC, we understand that no two individuals are the same. Our professionals work closely with all individuals to establish the best treatment plan for their individual needs.

Multiple Levels of Care

Most people who enroll at MRC will begin their treatment at the residential or inpatient drug rehab level. Afterward, we encourage clients to continue with treatment at the intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization program. As a final transition back into everyday life, they can also take advantage of a long-term aftercare program.

The First Step to Sobriety

Addiction is a debilitating disease. In order to overcome it, individuals need to make a commitment to change. Our addiction treatment center can lead affected individuals down the path to sustainable recovery.

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