A drug and alcohol rehab center might inject fear in individuals who are entering addiction treatment for the first time. However, to truly overcome addiction, it takes professional support from a drug and alcohol rehab center. At Memphis Recovery Center, clients receive access to a range of addiction treatments, substance abuse programs, addiction therapy, inpatient and outpatient rehab that work together to result in health and sobriety. Drug and alcohol rehab is an all-important step on the road to recovery, so learn more about what it involves and what you can expect.

The Truth About Addiction Recovery Programs

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Memphis, TNOne of the most common questions prospective clients have is how long rehab is going to last. It is important to remember three things when it comes to rehab duration: Addiction doesn’t develop or end overnight, the type of rehab programs makes a difference, and each is unique.

Although you can become addicted to a substance after just one use, it’s more common to see an addiction develop over an extended period. In the same way, individuals should not expect an instant solution. Recovery takes time, and rehab may need to be several months long to be truly useful.

Some universal addiction recovery programs include:

Also, inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs may differ in length.

Finally, each client is unique. Every person has their addiction history, health, family history, and background. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for recovery. The amount of time it takes for you to recover fully is unique and can vary from person to person.

How Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Help You Maintain Sobriety

A lot of people mistakenly believe that detox is the key to long-term sobriety. Detox might get you sober, but rehab is what keeps you sober. If you want to end dependence on drugs or alcohol, then rehab is the right choice.

Rehab enables you to learn coping mechanisms that will stay with you for a lifetime. In rehab, you can establish healthy habits that will make it easier to stay on track. Breaking the chemical dependence on substance abuse is vital, but changing your behavior and your way of thinking is also crucial. Rehab is comprehensive, meaning that it treats the whole person in order to pave the way for sobriety.

Addressing Underlying Issues in Rehab Treatment

Addiction recovery is about much more than just getting rid of the physical symptoms. Often, rehab is the time to address the underlying issues that might have led to substance abuse in the first place.

Some individuals struggle with mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. Others are unable to manage their everyday stress safely. Still, more have a history of trauma or low self-esteem. Through a wide range of evidence-based treatment methods and therapies, clients can target these underlying issues and come out of rehab as happier and healthier individuals.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Memphis, TN

Memphis Recovery Center in Tennessee is a drug and alcohol rehab treatment center that provides a comprehensive and individual process that caters to your specific needs. To achieve the goal of long-term sobriety and genuine, lasting recovery, clients have access to a wide range of recovery programs at MRC. Some of the many addiction treatment programs at our Memphis drug and alcohol rehabilitation center includes:

Our Tennessee rehab center truly believes that drug and alcohol rehab is a critical part of your road to recovery. To take your first step toward better health, consider rehab at Memphis Recovery Centers in Tennessee. Call 866-304-8254 to learn more and to find the rehab program that best fits your needs and your goals.