Family therapy activities is a useful technique when recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, rather than detox at home. People with substance use disorders don’t only affect their lives; they impact their loved ones as well. Many rehab facilities promote family therapy programs and activities as part of their treatment programs. By involving everyone affected by drug dependency, they work to heal all those who’ve been negatively touched by addiction.

Why Should Your Family Be Involved in Your Rehab?

Structural Family Therapy ActivitiesYou might feel very much alone if you’re struggling with drug or alcohol dependence. Perhaps you feel misunderstood by others with no support. Even more, you’ve probably withdrawn from people who care about you.

You’re not alone, however. Although it’s not always easy to see, addiction touches the lives of your loved ones too. Family members feel helpless, angry, and frustrated as they observe their loved one dealing with drug or alcohol abuse. Even though you’re the one in rehab, your loved ones should take part in family therapy whenever possible. You have to heal, but they do too.

Types of Family Therapy Activities That Promote Healing

Whether you take part in inpatient or outpatient rehab programs, many facilities welcome family involvement. The staff there may devise different activities for you to do as well as, to talk family therapy. Family therapy activities are designed to do several things, including bringing all of you closer together. It’s no secret that addiction can tear families apart. When your loved ones participate in therapy with you, the goal is to reconnect broken bonds.

Often, you learn family therapy activities to improve communication and foster a sense of gratitude. Also, activities for family therapy sessions give everyone the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and apologize. Some parts of therapy will be difficult. You might not want to relive painful memories.

However, clearing the air can lift the weight off your shoulders and provide relief. If you’ve suppressed pain for a long time, getting it all out often provides a great sense of relief. You and your loved ones will feel lighter mentally and emotionally. You’ll have the chance to forgive each other and work on rebuilding your relationships.

Your rehab experience won’t be severe and draining all the time. You can engage in fun activities as part of your family therapy program, such as:

  • Create art projects where you list positive affirmations or what you’re thankful for
  • Play charades or role-playing games
  • Use a “toss and talk” ball that contains insightful questions
  • Write letters to loved ones (sometimes writing the words are more comfortable than saying them aloud)
  • Take part in team-building games that promote trust
  • Sing karaoke songs or playing musical instruments together

As your family begins to understand their role in addiction, all of you can work toward creating a supportive, nurturing unit.

Find Treatment Goals for Family Therapy

Memphis Recovery is an addiction treatment facility that treats people with drug and alcohol dependency issues. We also put a strong focus on healing the entire family, whether it’s your blood relatives or close friends.

Our recovery programs we offer include:

We work to provide truly individualized care because we believe this leads to more effective treatment for you. Has addiction controlled you long enough? Are you ready to break free and rebuild your relationships with loved ones? Learn about family therapy first session activities and take a step your family needs by calling us today at 866-304-8254.