Families looking for a cognitive behavioral therapy program might come across the term motivational enhancement therapy (MET). MET is a therapy service offered at Memphis Recovery Centers. It can be an essential part of addiction treatment and used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches. What is motivational enhancement therapy? 

What is Motivational Enhancement Therapy? 

motivational enhancement therapy session

Motivational enhancement therapy is a way to approach counseling for drug and alcohol addiction. The goal is to improve engagement in other therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is a variation of a typical treatment style — motivational interviewing.

Motivational options work to promote the client to make positive changes in their behavior. Instead of walking the client through a  change step by step, motivational modalities evoke internal motivation to change. 

Motivational interviewing is a strategy that was developed in the 1980s. Motivational enhancement therapy is a modern extension of that initial therapy tested as part of ProjectMATCH in 1993. The therapist focuses on five basic principles with MET:

  • Applied empathy
  • Establish discrepancy
  • Argument-free zone
  • Understanding resistance
  • Encouraging self-efficacy

How Does Motivational Enhancement Therapy Work? 

A motivational enhancement therapy program at Memphis Recovery Centers consists of three or four sessions, each one with a specific purpose. The first session is an assessment, which is then followed by two or three treatment sessions. 

The first treatment session provides feedback on the assessment. The therapist will work to create a discussion on the client’s substance use and evoke self-motivational statements. For the initial evaluation and first therapy session, the client may consider having a friend or loved one in the room to help create an environment of trust. 

The counselor uses motivational interviewing techniques to help the client build a plan for change. In the last couple of sessions, the goal is to monitor the changes made and talk about strategies to stop drug use. 

Does Motivational Enhancement Therapy Work? 

The success of MET is somewhat dependant on the type of drug use. It tends to work better for those with an alcohol addiction disorder and for those who are dependant on marijuana. The results are more mixed for other forms of addiction, such as heroin or cocaine. 

It is often a part of a more comprehensive treatment strategy that includes other therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. It works to engage the client in their treatment, making the other programs more effective. 

Motivational enhancement therapy is just one approach you’ll see at Memphis Recovery Centers (MRC). MRC offers a variety of treatment programs, including:

MRC treats both adults and adolescents, and their primary focus is residential care. They offered individualized services, so you stay as long as necessary based on your needs. They also provide six months’ worth of aftercare services to help you transition back into your regular life but without drug use. 

MRC also offers innovative treatment programs like art and music therapy. They provide family sessions, as well. Memphis Recovery Centers believes family plays a vital role in addiction recovery. Therapy helps work out family issues that may affect an individual’s ability to find the motivation it takes to change. 

Memphis Recovery Centers is a nonprofit addiction treatment provider. They work to each patient to help them find a way to recovery regardless of their financial status. Our inpatient treatment program allows you to stay on campus 24-hours a day for as long as necessary. 

Memphis Recovery Centers treats a wide range of addictions, including opioids, meth, cocaine, prescription drugs, and alcohol. We work with each client to determine their needs and to create an individualized care plan based on them. 

For more information on motivational enhancement therapy and our other programs, give us a call today at 866.304.8254.