Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

One of the main reasons that people with alcoholism don’t try to get sober is the withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be so harsh and uncomfortable that many people decide it’s easier to keep drinking. The good news is that if you’re dealing with alcohol withdrawal, you don’t have to go it alone. Alcohol rehab centers can help, but you need to understand why withdrawal happens in the first place.

Where do the Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal Come From?

The human body is always trying to keep some sort of balance in order to function properly. Once you introduce any substance in excess, the body has to adjust accordingly to regain equilibrium. The problem is that when you continue to drink heavily, having alcohol in the system becomes the new normal. However, as soon as the alcohol begins to metabolize, your body doesn’t know what to do and it goes into withdrawal.

The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are due to a variety of different reasons, both physical and mental. When the alcohol begins to metabolize in your system, the neurotransmitters in the brain begin to misfire. This misfiring creates a wide range of symptoms that are difficult to keep under control if you don’t have help. Some of the most common symptoms of withdrawal from an alcohol addiction can include:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Body tremors

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal are Dangerous

Without the proper medical attention, the symptoms of withdrawal are not only uncomfortable, but they can be dangerous. During withdrawal, your heart rate and blood pressure can elevate to very dangerous levels. The other issue is that long-term alcoholism also damages and weakens your heart. This weakening means that without medical supervision, you’re at a greater risk of heart failure. Supervised detox can help prevent such tragedies.

How Does Detox Help with the Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal?

When you’re tired of living your life as a slave to alcohol, the first step to getting help is going to a medical detox. At a medical detox, you’ll have the medical treatment and supervision that you need to be safe and comfortable. This supervision is crucial for your safety as well as your chances of staying sober. By minimizing your symptoms of withdrawal in detox, you’re far more likely to stay sober.

Medical detox helps you by having doctors and nurses on staff who fully understand alcohol withdrawal symptoms. During detox, doctors will prescribe medications that will help ensure that your heart rate and blood pressure are under control. There are also medications that can help to reduce anxiety and prevent the possibility of seizures. All of the medications help make the withdrawal process as comfortable and safe as possible.

Once your detox is complete, Memphis Recovery is here to help you on your road to recovery from alcoholism. We’re a fully qualified addiction treatment center that is passionate about helping you succeed in sobriety. We offer a wide variety of treatment programs and give you the attention that you need and deserve. Our goal is to help provide you with the tools you’ll need to face life successfully and stay sober.

Some of the various programs we offer here include:

If you’re tired of struggling with the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal alone, Memphis Recovery wants to show you a new way. You can find out more about our addiction treatment program by simply giving us a call today at 866-304-8254.