The surging trend toward opioid and methamphetamine abuse has done little to curtail cocaine use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) claims that nearly 17% of those age 26 and over have used cocaine at least once. If cocaine abuse isn’t decreasing, that only means that the need for rehab is as high as it has ever been. Here’s how to know if you or a loved one needs help.

Cocaine Abuse: A Growing Epidemic

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders identifies cocaine dependency as part of stimulant use disorder. In 2014, nearly 913,000 people had a stimulant use disorder due to cocaine abuse. For comparison, 476,000 individuals had stimulant use disorder because of amphetamine use. In other words, cocaine remains the most popular stimulant in modern history.

Signs of Stimulant Use Disorder

woman has cocaine abuse problemThose with cocaine or any other stimulant addictions may develop a tolerance to their drug. They’ll then require larger and/or more frequent doses to get high. If someone you know has gone from occasional use to more frequent consumption, that person might have an addiction.

Intense cravings are another sign that someone is suffering. When craving cocaine, users often pace or fidget, and may become easily agitated. Some are so focused on using their drug that it’s all they can talk about.

Many who experience cocaine find themselves unable to stop on their own. They may promise themselves or others that they will quit, but never follow through. Others will quit for a little while, only to start again a short time later. These individuals simply cannot do it alone-they must have professional help to overcome their addiction.

When to Seek Treatment

Seek treatment for your cocaine dependency if you:

  • Participate in risky behavior when under the influence
  • Have broken relationships as a result of your drug problem
  • Experience financial difficulties due to spending too much money on drugs
  • Have had run-ins with law enforcement
  • Are unable to work or perform daily responsibilities because you are always high
  • Feel embarrassed about your problem, but are hopeless about overcoming it

Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom to reach out. The sooner you contact us about your cocaine problem, the sooner you can overcome it. Stop hiding your addiction and make that call today.

Available Programs at Memphis Recovery Center

Cocaine problems affect people of all social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Here at Memphis Recovery Center, we treat men and women of all ages, races, and education levels, including many business professionals. These individuals have achieved success thanks to a variety of programs such as:

We establish a recovery timeline based upon your needs and not some artificial deadline dictated to us by insurance companies. As a non-profit facility, we can do so without repercussion. It’s one thing that sets us apart from other rehab centers, who are largely at the mercy of the insurance companies that pay them.

Another thing we do differently is allow you to “step down” to different levels as you progress. We believe this gives you a sense of accomplishment, while avoiding the danger of cutting you loose too soon. Long term success is your goal — shouldn’t it be ours as well?

Seek Treatment at Memphis Recovery Center Today!

Have you allowed a cocaine addiction to take first place in your life? If so, seek drug addiction treatment to get your life back on track again. Call us today at 866-304-8254, and you’ll soon be on your way to recovery.