Man speaks to his therapist at a drug addiction recovery treatment centerWhat makes a drug addiction recovery treatment facility truly great? After all, there are plenty of centers to choose from. Everyone has different needs so their searches for the perfect rehab centers may differ too. Despite that, you don’t want to be without certain services during treatment.

Individualized Residential Treatment

First of all, it’s important to find a drug addiction recovery treatment center that offers residential treatment. It’s the backbone of most successful rehab programs. It provides the guidance, support, and structure that people need to start their treatment on the right foot.

However, it’s not enough for a rehab center to simply offer residential treatment. It must also offer treatments that fit each person’s specific needs. No two people are the same, so they have different needs when it comes to recovery.

Customized treatment takes these individual needs into account. As a result, people get a drug addiction recovery treatment program that helps them recover quicker.

Step-Down Drug Addiction Recovery Treatment

One trait of a good rehab center is a step-down approach to addiction recovery. This style of treatment gradually helps people prepare for life after rehab. In general, it starts with residential rehab and transfers into other programs that give them more freedom.

For example, let’s say that someone enters a 30-day residential rehab program. After that 30 days, a normal rehab program will end. With a step-down approach, that person will begin another rehab program, such as intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment.

Outpatient programs provide more freedom than residential rehab. However, they still give people the support that they need to integrate back into society smoothly.

Treatment Beyond the Traditional

When people look for a drug addiction recovery treatment center, they should find one that offers traditional and holistic treatment. Studies show that holistic treatment plays an important role in the recovery process. With that said, what does holistic care entail?

Holistic services involve non-traditional treatment methods. They usually include yoga, exercise, and art therapy. The main focus of these services is to improve the overall well-being of the individual.

In fact, holistic treatment involves treating the body as a whole. Since stress is a major trigger for people with addiction, holistic treatment is beneficial because it reduces stress. It also gets people up and moving.

Life After Rehab

The battle against drug addiction doesn’t end with rehab. People have to continue to fight the disease for their entire lives. With proper drug addiction recovery treatment, they can learn to live normal lives and keep addiction in check. Aftercare is a service that helps them achieve this.

However, what is aftercare? Basically, it’s a program that makes it easy for people to continue receiving care after rehab. The type of aftercare that a drug addiction recovery treatment center offers depends on its specific services.

Memphis Recovery Is Here to Help

At Memphis Recovery, we understand how important a step-down approach is to battling addiction. As an addiction rehab Memphis location, we focus on teaching you the skills that you need to avoid relapse. For instance, you’ll learn about how to cope with and avoid triggers. A few of the programs that we offer include:

Memphis Recovery uses individualized drug addiction recovery treatment methods. In short, we create custom treatment plans for every client. Your customized plan allows us to pay close attention to your specific needs. It also gives us a chance to work closely with you.

Don’t wait to get the drug addiction recovery treatment that you need. Count on our rehab center to get customized treatment plans that address your needs. Call Memphis Recovery today at 866-304-8254 for more information.