It’s rarely possible to just stop taking drugs once an addiction has set in. Supervised rehab will help you overcome withdrawal symptoms and develop the mindset you need to achieve sobriety. Here are a few reasons you should trust Memphis Recovery to help you with drug withdrawal.

What Happens During Drug Withdrawal?

woman leaning against wall experiences drug withdrawalYour body gradually adapts to your drug use over time. The longer you use a substance, the greater your tolerance to it will be. You’ll also experience more intense cravings, making you more likely to give in and start abusing again.

Some drugs cause changes in your digestion, heart rhythm, and other bodily functions. Those changes eventually become your new normal. At that time, you must continue using just to function.

The changes you experience as a result of your drug use don’t happen overnight. However, they do reverse themselves rather suddenly once you stop using. This in essence “shocks” your body, producing serious and sometimes life threatening side effects.

Mental Effects of Withdrawal

Not all signs of drug withdrawal are physical in nature, as you may also go through psychological changes. The mental effects can range from feelings of helplessness to a sense of panic over not having drugs. For many people, the mental effects alone are enough to cause them to start using again.

In some cases, the psychological effects are just as serious as the physical ones. For example, some individuals experience hallucinations, tremors, or nightmares. Being in a loving, compassionate environment is often the key to managing the mental symptoms associated with drug withdrawal.

It isn’t possible to determine who will experience psychological symptoms or to what degree. As such, we don’t recommend that you leave anything to chance. Contact our rehab facility so that our staff can provide you with the support you need to make it through this difficult period.

What We Do

At Memphis Recovery Center, we take a different approach from other rehab facilities. Since we’re a non-profit organization, we aren’t beholden to the whims of insurance companies. This means we’re free to take your needs into account rather than the financial concerns of an insurance carrier.

We begin with an assessment to determine your level of addiction and come up with a customized treatment plan. As a part of that treatment plan, we may recommend one or more of the following:

We Involve the Family

Our experience has taught us that the best chance of long-term success lies with your family. This is why we strongly encourage family members to engage themselves in their loved one’s recovery. We offer family therapy sessions as well as education programs to ensure you have a strong support system in place once you leave treatment.

Family involvement will prove invaluable during aftercare support, which takes place in the six-month period following your release. Our aftercare program guarantees you aren’t left struggling to avoid temptation once you’re no longer in a “safe” environment. Studies show that the urge to resume drug use is highest when people are trying to resume a normal lifestyle again. Aftercare support allows you to readjust gradually and maintain the results you’ve achieved for a lifetime.

Contact us to Help Overcome your Addiction

Without the right support system in place, drug withdrawal can seem overwhelming. Visit our rehab center and allow our team of professionals to put you back on track again. Contact us at 866-304-8254 to get started on your road to recovery.