Meth is a dangerous and incredibly addictive drug with some people becoming hooked from their first use. Without proper meth addiction treatment, a person will gradually neglect everything else in his life to continue taking the drug. His family, job, friends, and favorite hobbies end up taking a backseat to meth. This can lead to serious health consequences, brain damage, and even death.

Signs of Meth Addiction

Man in meth addiction treatment | Memphis Recovery CenterAre you worried that someone close to you is abusing meth or has an addiction? You may have noticed some physical or behavioral changes that concern you. A person who abuses meth can be unpredictable in her behavior. She might have lost weight due to her decreased appetite from meth use, or she may seem hyperactive and excitable.

Other signs to look out for include:

  • Bad breath (meth users often suffer declining dental health)
  • Heavy perspiration
  • Skin abscesses
  • Increased paranoia
  • Aggression and violence

It can be heartbreaking to watch a loved one deteriorate due to drug abuse. Convincing them to get help can be tough, but you should try and encourage them to get into a rehab program before their lives spiral even further out of control.

What Meth Addiction Treatment Looks Like

There’s no single form of treatment that works for everyone with an addiction. Getting personalized care is the best way to ensure your particular needs are met in rehab. Even with individualized treatment, most people’s recovery journeys involve several key components.

The first step in meth addiction treatment is detox, or ridding the body of all toxins. Before someone can move onto recovery, he must be clean of addictive substances. Detox isn’t a long process, but it can be uncomfortable.

Just because a person is no longer using doesn’t mean she’s out of the woods yet. The next phase of recovery is longer and more intense. It’s crucial for people struggling with addiction to get to the root issues of their drug abuse.

People abuse drugs and alcohol for various reasons, including:

  • Coping with past traumas
  • Escaping negative emotions
  • Fitting in with their peers
  • Dealing with co-dependency issues

In a solid meth addiction treatment program, a person can discover what caused the addiction in the first place. This involves a lot of counseling, which will take the form of individual, family, and group therapy. It could also involve Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or other forms that are most beneficial to the person getting help.

The Treatment You Deserve

Whether it’s alcohol, heroin, or meth addiction treatment you’re looking for, Memphis Recovery can help you. We take an individualized approach to each client. Here, you’re not a statistic—you’re a valuable, unique person who deserves the best treatment options.

Our recovery programs include:

In our programs, we treat both adults and teens. The dedicated professionals at our center place a heavy emphasis on family counseling because we understand how far-reaching the effects of addiction can be. Our clients, along with their loved ones, work together to repair and rebuild connections. You need a strong support system for ongoing recovery, and we’re ready to help you develop one.

With the right alcohol, heroin, or meth addiction treatment, you or a loved one can leave addiction behind for good. Start your recovery with us and call our treatment facility today at 866-304-8254 for more information.

Man Struggling With Meth AddictionUnfortunately, not everyone understands meth addiction. Whether it’s meth or another type of addiction, some people might wonder, “Why don’t people with addiction just stop?” What they don’t understand is that addiction isn’t a choice, but rather a mental disorder. Read on to learn more information about meth abuse and addiction.

What Is Meth?

Meth is short for methamphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant that interacts with the central nervous system. Unlike some prescription drugs that have some medicinal value, methamphetamines are currently illegal. However, that doesn’t stop individuals from trying to obtain them illegally.

Because of its clear color, meth users sometimes call it glass or ice. There are many ways to take meth. The most common include smoking, snorting, swallowing or injecting it into a vein. In any case, meth provides a fast-acting euphoric rush.

Why Is Meth So Dangerous?

Because meth alters brain chemistry, using it can cause a number of severe psychological problems. The drug increases dopamine activity, which controls the reward center in the brain. Unfortunately, this area also controls learning and motor skills. People who develop a meth addiction often have a hard time with cognitive function.

In fact, studies suggest that meth abuse even affects memory and emotions. In some cases, these problems are permanent.

Meth has an impact on non-neural cells in the brain as well. These cells defend the brain against damaging agents to keep it healthy. Damage to these cells explains why there are more neurotoxins in meth users’ brains.

Why Meth Addiction Requires Expert Care

Because addiction is a form of mental disorder, those struggling with meth addiction should seek professional help. In fact, many individuals who abuse meth develop a psychological dependency.

When visiting a high-quality addiction treatment facility, you’ll receive support during and after detox. Since meth withdrawal symptoms are dangerous, a medically supervised detox is an important step. It ensures that your safety and comfort as you flush methamphetamines—and perhaps other harsh toxins—from your body.

Although detox is a great start to recovery, you’ll still need help changing negative behaviors and thought patterns. The best facilities will offer multiple levels of treatment, including an inpatient, outpatient or partial hospitalization program. Qualified medical professionals design these programs to address the bad habits that lead to drug abuse.

Memphis Recovery Is Here to Help You Overcome Meth Addiction

From meth addiction to alcohol abuse, Memphis Recovery is here to help you begin the recovery process. Our non-profit addiction treatment center puts the needs of our clients ahead of our desire to make money. This approach allows us to focus on your recovery and give you the care that you deserve.

At Memphis Recovery, we put a big focus on not only quality care, but also proven evidence-based therapeutic approaches. This includes therapy programs that involve family and friends’ participation. Some of the substance abuse treatment therapy options that we offer include:

The goal of these therapy programs is to help you open up and discuss your addiction. Our therapists help you discover that you’re not alone in your struggle. During treatment, you’ll meet others just like you who deal with similar struggles on a daily basis.

Get the high-quality meth addiction treatment that you deserve at Memphis Recovery. Call us today at 866-304-8254 for more information.