When you start to realize you suffer an addiction to oxycodone, you may admit that you need specialized oxycodone addiction treatment. However, going through someone else’s style of rehab won’t help you. Instead, you need individualized treatment according to your own unique needs. Only through this high quality of care will you gain the lasting recovery you truly want.

With oxycodone abuse, you put yourself at risk for many life problems. These include serious health concerns and even the potential for an overdose. However, oxy keeps its hold on you until you get the help you need, despite your awareness that it can kill you. Don’t waste time asking for help or looking for the right oxycodone addiction treatment program.

About Oxycodone Addiction

a woman talks to a doctor in an oxycodone addiction treatment programDoctors prescribe oxy like other opioids, for management of moderate to severe pain. However, even under a doctor’s care after surgery or injury, you can develop an addiction to this powerful drug.

Today, doctors know better than to recommend the medication’s long term use. Of course, many people still overuse the drug while receiving medical care. After a time, you possibly find yourself doctor shopping or seeking new prescriptions through false complaints of pain. Others start using oxy from the streets, without a prescription at all.

Despite its widespread availability, oxycodone, and drugs made with this opioid prove life-threatening with ongoing use. Still, people all over the country seek OxyContin, Percodan, Percocet or other forms of it for a quick and relaxing high. The drug compares to heroin in its euphoria and soothing properties.

Addiction to oxycodone starts quickly. Before family or friends even realize something is different in your behavior, you find yourself stuck in the cycle of opioid abuse. This deadly cycle possibly takes you to the streets for heroin or other replacement drugs, when your oxy runs out. However, you can stop your addiction in its tracks and before it claims your life with the right oxycodone addiction treatment.

Why You Need Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

Using oxy correctly in small doses provides safe pain relief. That said, even with proper use you can feel the drug’s high. This is its lure for many people who start doubling their doses or taking their next dose too quickly.

The problem with oxy’s lure and hold on your life is your inability to quit using it on your own once you develop an addiction. By the time you realize your problem, you progressed through tolerance, dependence, and both physical and psychological addiction. This means the drug has changed your body and brain to suit its needs. You no longer function normally without oxy in your system.

Even with the best intentions and strong will, you need an oxycodone addiction treatment program. Through treatment, you learn about why you developed an addiction in the first place. You heal past wounds and gain the coping skills you need to avoid substance abuse of any kind in the future. Without this care, a relapse or new type of addiction will send you back down the same old path.

Where to Find the Right Memphis Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

Finding oxycodone addiction treatment in Memphis comes down to reviewing your rehab options. Memphis Recovery Centers provides the oxycodone, OxyContin or Percocet addiction treatment program you seek. We tailor our programs to your individual needs and interests. When you have interest in your program, you start building strong recovery with a focus on a better future.

Programs and services that are part of Memphis Recovery’s oxycodone addiction treatment program include:

To start your new life in lasting recovery, get the oxycodone addiction treatment you need. Call Memphis Recovery now at 866-304-8254 to learn more about available programs in Memphis, TN.