The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) tracks drug abuse statistics. They report that heroin users increased from 373,000 in 2007 to 669,000 in 2012. A number of things have led to what is now considered a heroin epidemic — here’s what you need to know about heroin abuse.

Why is Heroin Abuse so Rampant?

baggie on pants pocket indicates heroin abuseA 2014 article in Time magazine claims that a larger supply along with lower costs has resulted in more people trying heroin. A saturated market has also led to heroin use in areas where it was previously not a problem. In other words, heroin is no longer strictly an urban problem, but instead affects suburban and rural areas throughout the country.

A great deal of heroin comes in across our Southwestern border of the US. The Department of Homeland Security reports that heroin seizures along the border doubled from 2010 to 2014. The Drug Enforcement Agency claims the Mexican drug cartel is “making a concerted effort” to increase the amount of heroin in the U.S.

Prescription opioid use is currently at an all-time high. Many prescription opioid users eventually turn to heroin when they can no longer obtain their drug of choice. Accordingly, this can also account for the high rate of heroin abuse.

Signs of Heroin Abuse

Many heroin addicts are people you’d never imagine using drugs. As such, you should not rule out the possibility that a friend or family member has a problem. Look for some of the following signs, which might indicate heroin abuse:

  • Wearing long sleeves in summer
  • Being in a perpetually foggy mental state
  • Sleeping in excess
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Developing skin problems from repeated scratching

There’s no such thing as moderate heroin use. An addiction may form even after a single use. If someone you love has turned to heroin, encourage him or her to seek treatment right away. That person’s life may very well depend on your action.

Available Programs at Memphis Recovery Center

At Memphis Recovery Center, we know that everyone responds to addiction treatment differently. Since no single approach is best, we offer a variety of programs that can include:

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While we do accept most insurance plans, we aren’t beholden to any carrier. In other words, we base our treatment plans on what is best for you, and not what an insurance company tells us to do. In doing so, we provide all the tools you need to achieve full recovery. At Memphis Recovery Center, our goal is to help you get and stay sober for life.

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