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What a Day at Drug Treatment Centers Is Like

Most people who struggle with drug addiction know that they need help. However, they often don’t seek assistance because they don’t know what to expect from drug treatment centers. Knowing what to expect can make attending rehab less intimidating.

What Is a Typical Day at Drug Treatment Centers

A typical day at a rehab center depends greatly on the facility itself. In general, most drug treatment centers start people with a hearty breakfast. They typically like for their clients to get an early start to the day too. Having a reasonable schedule helps people develop healthy living habits.


After breakfast, there’s usually some kind of meeting with a counselor to plan out the rest of the day. People spend most of the day attending therapy and other counseling sessions. Some of the most common types of therapy include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy

In some cases, rehab centers break up the days that people attend each of these therapies. For example, they don’t attend a family therapy session every day. Instead, it’s more common for them to attend group and individual therapy on a daily basis.

In between the sessions, people have time to relax. Most rehab centers have facilities to help them pass the time. Some people even develop new hobbies.

What to Expect From Rehab Centers?

With the happenings of a typical day in mind, people should learn what to expect from rehab in general. For example, most rehab centers don’t have locks on the doors for the safety of their clients. During the early stages of rehab, it’s common for people to experience depression. The staff at drug treatment centers must have quick access to their clients at all times.

Drug treatment centers also help educate people about addiction. They teach both the clients and their families. Most people don’t truly understand addiction, which makes it hard for families to cope. Proper education shows them that addiction is a mental disorder rather than a life choice.

See What a Day Is Like at Our Rehab Center

At Memphis Recovery, we put the needs of our clients first. We want them to feel comfortable while they attend rehab with us. The more comfortable individuals are, the less stressed they feel. We offer a variety of programs to help individuals get over substance abuse, including:

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